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A very attractive pair from Dale’s of Cambridge. I suspect the label on the left is the earlier and probably from the 1930s. whereas the other is after the second world war.
Thanks to Dale, who very appropriately mailed in the images.

Dale pair

I know it’s only a couple of days since the last Grove’s labels, but I couldn’t resist this pair. The second one only arrived today, but  I wanted to see if there were any answers out there. Not really hard to spot the differences here, many would say a completely different label, but which is the earlier and in over 30 years of collecting, why is today the first time I have seen the variation on the left?

Groves 4

Another thank you to Nick Drew for sending in scans of a number of new labels in his collection. These two fit so well with the comments from Ike on Adrian’s Desert Island Hunt’s Stingo label. Of course, there were breweries all over the country who brewed a Stingo. Ike, you missed the Blue Anchor at Helston! So here are two Stingo labels from Groves and for those that care, the one on the left is not in my collection.Groves 3

We are really pleased with the way the castle theme has turned out. We have managed to get different sizes and a number of Spot the difference posts from it.

Here are two from Yates’s Cob Nut Brown Ale labels; I feel there is a story behind the two different labels. It would be good to know if there is.

Castle Yates

These labels have an attractive castle as a trade mark, rather than an attempt to portray a particular castle. The example on the left was sent in by Nick, once again, what would we do without him.  This is another difference I was completely unaware of before this afternoon. A very similar castle trade mark was used by other brewers and I have no doubt we will find room for some of them before the month is out.Maclachlan


Continuing our castles theme with a  difference. Two Castle Stout labels from James Hole of Newark featuring Newark Castle. I am sure this wont be the last from this brewer during January.

Castle Stout

Spot the difference # 91; John Richdale

We should really have thanked Nick for sending in a number of additional images to add to our featured brewery section. They will be added in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are a pair of India Pale Ale labels from John Richdale. Until I saw the images from Nick I was unaware of the variation on the left.

Richdale Spot the difference

I must admit I found it difficult to believe that after 30+ years collecting, I would find not one but two, previously unknown differences in Daniell’s of West Bergholt labels. Here are the pair of Light Dan Ale labels. I expect there are more of you who, like me, are looking through the ‘duplicates’ box to see if they have the others.

Daniell 2


At a meeting yesterday in the delightful confines of the Craven Arms in Birmingham, Adrian passed me a group of labels from Daniell’s of West Bergholt. Nothing of interest there then; until I noticed a couple of pairs that looked different. Here are the Dark Dan pair and I still do not have the one on the right.

Daniell 1