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Two versions of Harman’s XXXX Strong illustrating the two trademarks used before the second world war. The monogram uses the early abbreviation for Limited which was falling out of use in the 1920s. Both labels use the later abbreviation for the company name. We would be very interested to know when the Uxbridge Arms was adopted and it’s origin. More Harman’s labels will shortly be added to our featured brewery section.


Geoff sent a few scans of missing labels from Portsmouth & Brighton United, they will appear soon. The one that really surprised me is on the left. I have never thought to look closely at the wording round the edge. The one on the right is the only one I have without ‘Portsmouth’ following the brewery name. I shall look more closely in future. In the meantime, are there collectors with the other labels in this series that don’t have the extra ‘Portsmouth. And why is it there? The Brighton connection closed many years before these labels.


Portsmouth & Brighton

Two very slightly different Nut Ale labels from Mew Langton of Newport Isle of Wight. Just an excuse really to tell you that the Featured Brewery area South East has ben split into South and South East. South has labels from breweries in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire, South East has Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Middlesex seems to have disappeared. This should make navigation a lot easier, especially as more breweries are set to be added over the next couple of weeks. We have added labels to the Mew Langton, Wethereds, Kings of Syresham and John Hair, a set from the Shanklin Brewery and more to come. The Shanklin labels can be found here.

Mew Nut Ale

I promise this will be the last images posted of Mackeson’s Milk Stout, but the question needs to be asked. Which of these two is the earlier issue? Did I get it slightly wrong right from the beginning?

Mackeson std - Milk Stout

Both Alan and Geoff have sent me this pair of labels, and both were some time ago. Thanks to both and here I am on catch-up. I think both of these date from after the brewery was bought by Andrew Buchan in 1936 and the example on the left is the earlier of the two.

buchan kings 4

There have been a number of very positive comments recently about how useful this series has been, particularly when one of the pair is fairly common and the second can be picked up for very little money. It has also been pointed out that we haven’t featured many labels from Elgood’s of Wisbech.

Elgood Olde English

The cursed apostrophe. Which one of these is correct, or is the the version on the No. 1 Barley wine labels which has Tennant’s? Or are they all right, depending on whether it is one Tennant or the brothers beers. What is important is that now I know there are two versions of the beehive shaped Pale Ale and the Brown Ale, which have both been added to the website, alongside several other examples. Thanks again to Geoff for sending in all the images. Good to see someone takes the trouble to carefully compare labels on the website to their own collection, and then does something about it.

STD pair



A very attractive pair from Dale’s of Cambridge. I suspect the label on the left is the earlier and probably from the 1930s. whereas the other is after the second world war.
Thanks to Dale, who very appropriately mailed in the images.

Dale pair

I know it’s only a couple of days since the last Grove’s labels, but I couldn’t resist this pair. The second one only arrived today, but  I wanted to see if there were any answers out there. Not really hard to spot the differences here, many would say a completely different label, but which is the earlier and in over 30 years of collecting, why is today the first time I have seen the variation on the left?

Groves 4