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Spot the Difference #164; Arthur Guinness

Not often that small variations of early Guinness labels get a mention on here. Thanks to Mat for sending in these images of Extra Stout bottled by Lacon of Great Yarmouth. And when you do see the difference, does it raise a question or two?

Our gallery of Lacon’s labels can be seen HERE

Spot the Difference #163; The Crystal Brewery

No-one could possibly describe me as a cynic, except possibly when discussing the promises of government politicians for the last ten years, but I do have suspicions about the Crystal Brewery. Surely a bottler wouldn’t make up a brewery as a marketing ploy, that’s a 21st century action, isn’t it?

Spot the Difference #162; W.J.Rogers Ltd

Two labels from Rogers of Bristol that may be new to many of you. A substantial selection is now available to view HERE A big thank you to Keith for providing many of the images

However, viewing this page comes with a warning, it may provoke feelings of despondency or even despair.

After the Society AGM at Harvey’s Brewery in Lewes, there will be a brief report both here and in the Newsletter. Meanwhile the auction provided another previously unrecorded pair of Sandow Strong labels. I appreciate the price paid was probably in excess of what a sane person would have paid, but you can’t take it with you. Both labels are 1930s or earlier and I suspect the label on the left is the older. But when?

Possibly the first labels we have featured from the Ashwell Brewery; this pair of Special Brown Ale labels needs little introduction and we are unlikely to find a reason for the variation.

I know we only featured a pair of Pale Ale labels from the South London Brewery quite recently, but I have just stumbled across this pair. Same beer but I guess slightly later examples. I can’t even begin to guess what might have prompted this very minor change.

I have to admit, this is another pair that I didn’t know existed. Another thank you to Nick for sending the images in. If only more members had the time and energy to send in their ‘finds’. The question these two Strong Ale labels raises is: ‘ why? ‘

The thing that I love abut ‘Spot the Difference’ is the times one of our members sends in images of labels with a difference that I hadn’t seen before. I have received a couple recently from Nick and here is the second. A label I would be unlikely to look at twice, except now I know what I am looking for. If it wasn’t for the fact that it should be the same colour as much of the rest of the label, I would assume they just forgot that colour.

The question ‘Has it been trimmed?’ was much more relevant for this pair of Brown Ale labels from the City Brewery, Exeter because, as far as I know, it is the only perfectly rectangular label they produced; unless you know differently. Careful measurement has ensured we know it is not a trimmed version of the usual label.

Many collectors have worried about the exact differences between rounded corners and right angled corners. After all it is possible to accurately trim a rounded corner labels to appear to be quite different. This pair of Angus Pale labels from Dundee are genuine differences, there are a number of pairs in existence and precise location of one on top of the other reveals that it is impossible to trim the rounded corners to form the other label. Thanks to Nick for sending in the images.


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