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On this occasion it really really mattered to me. First of all I love the labels from the Waterside Brewery. So when I saw a Strong Ale advertised for sale on the interweb, I thought, if I haven’t got that, I will buy it. 103 mm the description said. Out with the album and ruler and I have a Strong Ale but it only measures 92mm. So bought it with no hesitation. And here they are. You will notice they are different designs, the relationship between ‘Prize Medal Beers’ and the rest of the wording at the top is different and the position of ‘Brewed with English Hops’ in relation to E. Mason & Co is also different. Not sure I would have trusted myself to buy without the size, which really matters.


We can claim a little bit of a success with this series of postings. There are a number of sellers, both on the well known internet auction site and in private sales who now include accurate indications of the size of their offerings. However, there is still some way to go before it is automatic, particularly for those sellers who rarely, if ever, look at this website. To further illustrate the point, here are two No. 1 Strong Ale — Old Star, the half pint label is 63mm tall and the less common pint label is 87mm.

Star 2

Here is the second blog post before we add Amey’s Borough Brewery, Petersfield to our featured brewery section.

A pair of Dinner Ale labels, the larger is 86mm tall and the smaller, which I presume is for the half pint bottle is 76mm tall. Unlike some pairs of labels, these show a slight design change rather than a simple enlargement.

Amey size matters.bmp


Sorry to keep on about the size of labels, but there was positive feedback at the AGM last weekend. So here are three labels from Evan Evans Bevan of the Vale of Neath Brewery. Not an uncommon label, but have you got all three? Sizes are 89mm, 85mm and 73mm. And another question. Is there a small version with ‘trade mark’ under the monogram?

Vale of Neath

There does seem to be a small change on the well known internet auction site. There are one or two sellers who now regularly include accurate sizes in their listings.  Recent labels from Jon and Mike are very good examples. To make the point again, here are three labels from Walker & Homfrays Woodside Brewery. Sizes are 108mm, 90mm and 70mm tall.

Walker & Homfray

Two labels from Jas. Fox and Sons of the Isle of Axholme Brewery, Crowle near Doncaster. I didn’t know which of the two categories to put these in. To be honest I don’t think most of us would care, we would just be very pleased to have either in our collection. For the terminally sad, the larger is 89mm tall and the smaller is a bit less.


Fox Axholme

Beer labels: Size really matters #7

While I wouldn’t describe this series as an overwhelmingly popular item on our site, it is being added to regularly. Occasionally in response to requests from visitors to the site, and very occasionally because someone sends in the images, thank you James, Phil and John. Here are two Nut Brown Ale labels from E & H Kelsey of the Culverden Brewery, Tunbridge Wells. The larger is 86mm tall, the smaller 91mm. Sorry to ‘Interested of Tunbridge Wells’, it seems no-one else is as interested as yourself to see more of their labels.Kelseytwo

As a result of some feedback, we thought we would mention the following. Should you wish to view all of the posts relating to either of the above, then scroll down the blog page. On the left hand side you will see a list of categories. Click on Spot The Difference for example & all the posts relating to that subject will appear. This does of course depend on us categorising posts correctly, but we have checked these 2 categories and so far so good. Hope this proves to be useful.