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One year old today #2

Very grateful to Geoff for the additional images of labels from J J Young & Sons of Portsmouth. We have also played about with the order. Can you see why??

One year old today #1

The first news of the day is to report a slight change to the Gallery section of our website. We are going to feature labels from one county at a time for a limited period and we start with Kent. Many of you will think you know why. And you are wrong. It is because Steve B sent me the beautiful images of labels from Arkcolls of Chatham, C N Kidd of Dartford, Leney of Dover, Phillips of West Malling  and  Woodhams of Rochester. How I wish they were in my collection. You can see them all, together with a number of others from Kent brewers in the Gallery section now.

There does seem to be a small change on the well known internet auction site. There are one or two sellers who now regularly include accurate sizes in their listings.  Recent labels from Jon and Mike are very good examples. To make the point again, here are three labels from Walker & Homfrays Woodside Brewery. Sizes are 108mm, 90mm and 70mm tall.

Walker & Homfray