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Something a little different today and a bit of history. Hadrian Brewery brewed from 1987 to 1997 in two different industrial estates in Newcastle. the brewery was then operated by Four Rivers Brewing Co until 2000 when the Border Brewery Co purchased the business from liquidators and the company was renamed Hadrian Border Brewery and is still operating successfully today, although in a new home. Three examples from the original Newcastle brewery.

Another label you don’t see very often, and probably on a cask not destined for one of their tied houses. Hepworth owned a number of pubs, but this label would seem to need an address and carrier, so I assuming not one of their regular drops.

A lovely example from a previous time when the country was pulling together through great adversity. I am sure M&B weren’t the only brewery to have donated a cask or two to the armed forces. A great example to follow. A cask or two for our key workers, and I do mean delivery drivers, bin-men, postmen, firemen, shop-workers as well as those putting their lives at risk in the NHS.

The Royal Crown Brewery was built in 1903 by Herbert King. The company owned no pubs, but supplied the majority of their beer in bottles. The name was changed to King’s Brewery (Syresham) in 1924. Collectors who know very little about the brewery will always know that the telephone number was Syresham 2.

Spring Meeting At Greene King Cancelled

Greene King have suspended all brewery tours until the current crisis has passed. Details of new date, and/or refunds of money paid will emerge in the fullness of time. The labels which would have been auctioned, will now be sold as an email/postal auction. Update on the closing date, if there is a change will be posted here. A real shame, I was looking forward to it.

If only………

Called into to this pub and ordered a pint and a complete set of their labels.

Site Update

It is about time we told you about the additions to the site. There are now labels from the following breweries:

Russells & Wrangham of Malton which can be found HERE

Thompson & Son of Walmer which can be found HERE

Cook & Sons of Halstead which can be found HERE

In addition, there are better images of the labels from George Shaw of Leigh, which are HERE and an additional Nut Brown Ale has been added to Soames which are HERE. I know there is a red label of similar design to the Dinner Ale, it would be great if someone sent in an image.

Yes I know, we featured one of their labels last time. It was #4 and is part of such an attractive set that another had to be published. I know there are a small number of collectors out there, who dismiss every label not from the UK, but my view is that there are both very attractive and really boring labels from every country in the world. This is one of the highly attractive examples from Kips Bay Brewing Co in New York City.

Cask Labels # 38; Lorimer & Clark

I am worried that some of the recent posts of cask labels may have overexcited some of you, so today’s offering will serve as an antidote. Three labels probably from the 1960s or 70s, a time when the need to produce colourful advertising on casks as well as bottles had passed for most breweries. What I do like about these is the consistency of design and three different colours, together with the unashamed ‘Cask Conditioned’.