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It is entirely coincidental that the majority of recent additions to this series have been Stout labels. This pair from Hodgson’s Brewery are an identical design, but there are slight differences. Our impression is that the label on the left is the earlier version. K. Stout? Is that Kingston Stout and if it is why not call it that?

How much did that cost? #20

Another one that will attract considerable interest. No prizes for guessing who sent this in and thank you again. The cost of a bottle of Rawson’s Barley Ale is by far the most prominent aspect of this label.

How much did that cost? #19

Another set of prices per bottle which were printed on the stopper label. This time from the Northampton Brewery Co, designed so that the price was immediately above the screw top when the label was attached. When the top was unscrewed, the seal would be broken. An unbroken seal would indicate the beer had not been diluted, which was not unheard of in times past.

How much did that cost? #18

Today’s selection is from Scotland. Blair & Co, J & J Morison and Wm. Younger. You could get these three beers for a shilling. Seems like a bargain to me.

How much did that cost? #17

This one will attract a bit of interest. Two examples from the Leeds City Brewery. It would appear that the Nut Brown was a stronger beer than the Special. Unless they were from completely different times, which is unlikely. Thanks to Keith who kindly sent in the images and ensured that this post overtook others in the queue.

Site Update 2

We have had a couple of requests to add a link in to a few sections.

George Shaw labels are HERE

Pre-Prohibition labels are HERE

Post-Prohibition labels are HERE

Brewers in Lancashire are HERE


Site Update

Apologies for the lack of labels with prices, that will resume in a couple of days. We have been adding labels steadily over the last few months and it’s time to give you an update. Thanks to a number of members, Keith and Mike to name just two and John for some of the US additions.

Brewers in Scotland. The main addition has been modern labels. I think we need your views on this as it is a big change in focus for the website and it will take considerable work.

George Shaw and Co, Leigh. A set of images, many of which were captured on a phone. We would appreciate a set of clearer images.

Brewers in Lancashire. A number of previously unrepresented breweries.

Pre-Prohibition labels from the USA. Some really attractive labels here.

Post Prohibition labels from the US. A large number added here.

Plus there are one or two in lots of other breweries, Richdale, Lacon and Mason come to mind.

Following Edd’s comment on the similarity between the drinking man on the Mew Langton and Uncle Tom’s Cabin labels, Keith kindly sent in a label from H E Thornley of Leamington Spa, which appears to portray another member of the family. We thought you might like to see all three together.

How much did that cost? #16

A question for you today. Clearly the label from Joseph Johnson’s Westoe Brewery indicates the bottle contained Sixpenny Mild Ale. However is the Sixpence just a name, presumably a sign of quality, or is it the price of the quart, pint or half pint of Mild? Sixpence would seem a low price for a pint of Mild in the 1930s, which is our estimate of the date. What do you think?