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A pair of Export Ale labels from Thomas Usher’s Park Brewery. And as luck would have it, both are available in the 3rd Scottish labels sale, which have just been added to the website. They are HERE

Site Update

We have tidied up the Brewers in Sussex page by adding a bottle label from Abbey’s Kemp Town Brewery. Our thanks go to Eric for providing the image. Now you get to see both cask labels from that brewery and a bottle label. Brewers in Sussex is HERE

Additionally we have published Brewers in East Anglia featuring brewers from the five counties, none of which have been a featured brewery, you can find them HERE

Site Update

As part of the shift away from alphabetical listings of brewers of the past and the merging of the Brewers in .. series into their geographical areas, future additions to Label Galleries will be Brewers in … This will enable us to display a much wider range of old breweries. Today we have added Brewers in Sussex which you can find HERE

Plans are for Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex which I might call East Anglia minus Cambridge or East of East and of course Cambridge, Herts, Hunts and Beds which I might call West of East, which covers all of the East region.

Thanks go to Steve, Nick and Keith for providing some of the images, particularly when the ones I had needed an upgrade.

Site Update

We have today added labels from David John & Co of the Pentre Brewery. You can find them HERE

We have also improved the look of the very early labels from Simpson’s of Baldock. You can find them HERE

And as part of our work to simplify the site and make it easier to find the images you want, the Brewers in… section has been moved to the appropriate region. So South East has a folder entitled Brewers in Kent which contains labels from Kentish brewers that don’t have their own folder. Brewers currently in this folder that have their own folder will be removed. Gradually all labels in the alphabetical sections will move to the appropriate region, labels in Brewers in Kent were first. Similarly for other regions of the UK. It will make it easier to increase the range of breweries featured in Gallery. Brewers in Sussex should appear in the next week or so.

Scottish label sales update.

The 2nd set of Scottish label sales will finish sometime next week. The 3rd set will then appear. However, due to unprecedented demand these five labels have now sold out. There are only small numbers of some of the others. Get in now!

Spot the Difference #188; Wm. Murray & CO

Following on from the pair of different sized Wee Murray labels, an online conversation with interested collectors has tempted me to post this pair of Pale Ale labels. I believe these are fairly early examples, before WW2, but the question they raise is: are these different labels, or is there just a bit more ink used on one of them? Not revealing which one though. Sadly comments are still invisible on the website, but I can still read them and I would like to know your thoughts.

The Wee Murray Pale Ale label from the Craigmillar Brewery in Edinburgh is not particularly scarce, but how many collectors are aware of a second smaller example, probably for a half pint bottle. I suspect the reason I have posted this is to be able to wonder why they didn’t call the half pint bottle Wee Wee Murray

Scottish Label sales

The first set of labels for sale have been removed from the site. Over time they will appear on the society’s eBay sales which can be found HERE

A second, much smaller set has been added to the site. Just three different breweries this time, I gather 100 different labels was way too difficult for some of you to manage. They are HERE

And thanks to both Nick and Trevor, who both responded to Spot the Difference #187. An update will follow.

A big thank you to Steve for sending in these two images from Bateman’s Salem Bridge Brewery. I have almost certainly seen both labels before, but one of them is not represented in my collection. That’s another search through my spares that will have to happen.

Site Update

It is 6 weeks since the last significant order was received for Scottish Labels. In that time the page has been viewed over 50 times, so if you are a member of the Society and wish to order, now is the time. We will take the current set of images down in the next week or so and replace with another set of Scottish labels for sale. The labels currently for sale will then be offered to all through our eBay listings.

Labels have been added to the site from Phillips & Sons of the Dock Road Brewery in Newport. You can find them HERE.

Finally the frustration of access to the members forum will be no more, it is time to remove it from the menu bar.

The 14th January blog post of The Home Brewery Jersey has been updated. My extensive research didn’t include the one publication which would have explained everything. A History of Jersey Breweries by Keith Osborne

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