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A bit of a mystery part 2

An excellent response to this post, thank you to all who responded. I did miss the reference to O’Brien’s Gold Medal brand in David Hughes book.

I believe O’Brien bottled lagers from Allsopp, Wm. Younger and Red Tower. I would guess that this Pilsener was brewed by Allsopp.

Here is the Gold Medal brand label from Phoenix Brewery in Amersfoort, courtesy of Onno.  I thought you might be interested in the design similarities

A bit of a mystery

I have always assumed the top label was an early label produced by Guinness themselves until I was sent the bottom label which probably wasn’t from Guinness themselves. Does anyone know who the bottlers were? The Pilsener label was printed in Glasgow.

The Society begins eBay sales

The Society has started to sell its surplus labels through eBay. We recently purchased a very large collection of labels, and there is no possibility that the members of our Society will purchase every label in that collection. As our membership will know, our constitution requires that any labels held by the Society must be offered to the membership first, so all labels on offer will be the unsold items from postal, online or meeting auctions. Starting price will always be 99p so there will be bargains, especially if you forgot to bid in the previous auctions. This way of widening the knowledge of beer label collecting and the Society can only benefit both ourselves and the wider collecting community, especially since we are aware that some peoples computer skills don’t extend much beyond find a label, type a number, click submit.

This link will get you to the first of the labels listed, Williams Old Ale

Bids would be most welcome, and on the right hand side of the page is a “see other items” link

I must have seen both these Heavy Bitter Ale labels dozens of times. Either the example that has been in my collection for over 30 years or in other peoples collections or on the internet. Today, for the first time I saw these two together and realised. Wow they are so different.

Two today from Adnams Sole Bay Brewery in Southwold. An excuse to let you all know that Adnams are our newest Corporate member and we are beginning to add labels both on the top level and in our Gallery.

Two delightful labels today, a big thank you to Eric for sending these in. It’s is not difficult to see the differences in this pair from Truswell’s Brewery, but my guess is that the label on the left is the earlier. I am not sure why I think that, anybody else with a view?

Yesterday was one of the best attended, liveliest and seriously interesting meetings for label collectors in London for a long time. The auction of labels from Des Clarke’s collection raised a substantial 4 figure sum and early examination of the latest acquisition by the society caused many a ripple of excitement. I am always pleased to discover a small variation that I was previously unaware of, so here are two XXX Ale labels from Lacon’s of Great Yarmouth and I guess you could pick them both up for a pound.

Fuller Smith & Turner, the UK brewer and pub group, is selling its entire beer business to Japan’s Asahi in a deal worth £250m, the company announced today. Fuller’s will offload all of its brewing, wholesaling and distribution operations, transforming the London-based brewer, which was founded in 1845, into purely an operator of pubs and hotels. Its shares rose 21 per cent on the announcement. Hundreds of thousands of beer drinkers began a state of mourning.

Kick Start 2019 LOTY Charity

The Society has a limited number of these labels from the wonderful Handyman’s Brewery in Liverpool. The first batch is only being bottled as you read this post. First come, first served by leaving a reply to this post, or sending an email. £5 will be good. They will be in London on Saturday at the Royal Oak.

Postal Auction

Just a reminder that the deadline to receive bids for the December postal auction is this coming Friday 11th January.

Best way to get your bids in is to email:  making sure you have the Lot number, your bid and don’t forget, your name and address.


Or you can send them by mail to the address in the pack.

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