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Site Update

This week’s news!! Brewers in Yorkshire, although I am not claiming it is finished, is now well worth a really long look. There are a small number of breweries that I have been able to find only one label. They may appear out of alphabetical order, sorry, I didn’t want to spoil the pairings. You can find them HERE

There have been many additions to the page for Duncan Gilmour of Sheffield and Liverpool. Some very early labels to be seen, thanks to one of our members for these. They are HERE.

Also many additions to the Pre-Prohibition section of the US gallery. It is HERE

And finally, labels from Campbell Praed of Wellingborough have been on for a while, I just forgot to tell anyone. They are HERE

Enjoy the browse.

Size really matters #24; Mowbray & Co Ltd

A recent ‘find’ of the larger of these two Mild Ale labels from Mowbray’s Grantham Brewery has prompted this post. Too often, labels are missed because there is no indication of the size and you can’t always tell from a photo which version it is. It also looks as if the larger label was in use earlier than the smaller. 94mm and 77mm tall.

No prizes for noticing the dozen or so differences between these two Nourishing Stout labels from James Deuchar of the Duddingston Brewery in Edinburgh. However, there are a ton of brownie points if you can provide approximate dates for the two labels.

Site Update

A few things to bring to your attention:

In the Yorkshire and Humberside section of our label Galleries, there is now a section for Selby (Middlebrough) Brewery and it’s predecessors. You can find it HERE

There have been many additions to the Kirkstall Brewery page, you can find them HERE

Labels from other Corporate member, Hall & Woodhouse can now be found HERE and all links from their entry in the Corporate Members tab are working.

Finally we are working on Brewers in Yorkshire. This will get more breweries added over the next couple of weeks. Good to see that a number of you have found it through exploration of the website. You all get brownie points. Others need to look HERE


Site Update

Regular visitors will have noticed the changes to the top level menus, but may have missed some of the additions, there have been so many. In no particular order, labels have been added from these breweries; first, our corporate members: Harvey & Sons are HERE, Fullers are HERE and Shepherd Neame are HERE

You will also find Evan Evans Bevan of the Vale of Neath Brewery HERE   J Hamer of Bromley Cross, Bolton HERE  and Shaw’s Dukinfield Brewery HERE

In addition we have added a number of labels to the Alphabetical section, see if you can spot some, to Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries, Ramsden’s and Westoe.

A trio today. Not our usual, here is a design difference you may not have noticed before, which has helped many a collector find labels to add to their collection at little cost. No-one is going to pick up one of these three for next to nothing. However, I guess many of you will be happy to gaze and hope. It is also an opportunity to point out that Fullers are one of our Corporate members and as well as having a prominent position on our website, a wonderful display of their labels can be found in our gallery HERE

Unusual to feature a label from Watney on here, but this pair does raise a few questions. Is this a Combes label? The trade mark is certainly pre merger, but the whole label design says Watney. We could have put this in the mystery label section. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Tipplefair 2018

After much discussion and overcoming several problems, not the least of which was the pub roof falling in, the British Brewery Playing Card Society will be organising the Tipplefair this year. It will still be held in its regular home, Peterborough, but on an earlier date than last year,  and at a different venue, i.e. the Heron Pub, Southfields Drive, Stanground, Peterborough, PE2 8QB on Sunday 3rd June, 2018. Stallholders 10:00am, collectors 11:00am, admission, £2. Free entry after 1 pm. See the website for the latest info.


Offered for sale will probably be the largest selection of drink related memorabilia; (beer, brewery, whisky, spirits, cola etc. glasses, playing cards, ashtrays, labels, mirrors etc.) In addition Mike Peterson of the Association of British Brewery Collectibles will be offering a free appraisal and valuation service. Some tables are still available (from £15). To book call Maxine on 0750 629 6801 or email for more details.

A first I thought this was just another of those slightly different colour pairs, but these Strong Ale labels from Alloa contain a myriad of tiny differences. We could have used this in a competition to see who can find the most. Let’s get a few responses in this time.

May the 4th be with you; part 2

We have tried really hard on the Chewbacca Porter but sadly it has been discontinued. It may not even have been available in bottle. Sorry Wookies World. The best we can do is this………..  unless you know different.

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