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Well, where shall we start. OK, the results seem like a good place to kick off this post, so follow LOTY 2016 – The Results

For those of you who could not make the event for various reasons, you missed a great day. The weather was great & even transport links behaved themselves reasonably well, although one or two may disagree regarding the transport. Many people suggested that 8 Sail was one of our best ever venues & I for one would not argue with them. There were 3 beers OTB & yes we did drink them out of their last ever cask of Mild, but lets face it somebody had to have the last pint (Sorry yes it was me & very nice it was too). The ladies from the on site Tea Room provided a very nice buffet, featuring a selection of items made from flour milled in the mill next door to the brewery.

Did you realise this is the only 8 sailed mill in western Europe? Well it is & you could have spent the afternoon there and helped us to raise even more money for the two charities.

Ah I here you say, charities, so how did we do this year. In short quite nicely, thank you.

In detail, we handed over cheques to both Heckington Area Volunteer Car Service & to Lincs Ark for £1,125. So another £2,250 raised, bringing our grand total for the 33 years of LOTY to over £65,640. Not at all bad for such a small group of enthusiasts, well done all!

So thank you to all of you who turned up, especially our Polish contingent, from Scotland. Tony & Steve from 8 Sail, for putting up with us for an afternoon, although it probably seemed longer. The folk from the charities for turning up in person to collect their cheques, it is always nice to have a few tears. It makes us all feel we are doing something positive & possibly doing it well, again this year.

Finally thank you to all of those in the brewing & bottling industry, who contribute to LOTY year after year. We really do appreciate your help.



LOTY 2016 Update

Just a quick update for all of our members, who are planning on joining us this Saturday at 8 Sail Brewery.

The bar will be open on Friday until around 20.00, so perhaps you can juggle your train & pop in for a pint on you way to wherever you are staying.

Also the bar will stay open into Saturday evening, no time specified, but I guess around 20.00 again.

For those of you who can take advantage of this, please do.

Remember to bring your cheque book, although there is I believe a cash machine at the Co-Op in the High Street.

LOTY kicks off is at 12.00 Saturday, but some of us will be there much earlier to set up.

We look forward to seeing you all & your cash for the charities.

Dead Brewers Beer Bash

Ok so you have already seen the email or maybe you are one of those people, who only check their inbox, hmm, infrequently!

So now you have an excuse to crank up the PC/laptop or mobile even & check what I am blathering about.

DBS are holding a 3 day festival at the Bankes Arms Hotel, Corfe Castle, on the 14th, 15th & 16th October.

There will be lots of ‘old’ beers re-created by current brewers, to try out and hopefully plenty of like minded people trying them out.

The Swanage Railway is nearby, I believe you can see it from the pub or you could use it to get to the pub.

A couple of links, which may be use.

Dead Brewers Society

Swanage Railway

Bankes Arms Hotel



LOTY Judging Meeting

Just a quick reminder that LOTY judging takes place this coming Saturday at The Wild Boar, 27 Lakin Road, Warwick, CV34 5BU.

Just a 5 minute walk from Warwick rail station (not Warwick Parkway).
So lots of new labels to view, they will be on sale at 8 Sail Brewery in October.

Good beer & food and a chance to catch up with fellow collectors and of course the auction.

Labels up for grabs can be seen Here!


Auction @ LOTY Judging Meeting

As we are hoping to see a good number of you at this meeting in Warwick on the 17th September.

We thought another auction of Des’s labels might encourage a few more of you, to make the trip.

The Wild Boar (Lakin Street), is just a 5 minute walk from Warwick Rail Station (not Warwick Parkway).

As well as Slaughterhouse ales, there are regular guest ales & what I read is excellent food.

No pressure, of course, but we believe Mark & Terry are just flying over from Canada,

so if they can hop across the pond then………………….?

They are very keen to acquire older UK labels.

September Auction 1

September Auction 2

September Auction 3

We look forward to seeing you there


Label Of The Year Judging Meeting

This years LOTY Judging will take place on Saturday 17th September.

The venue is The Wild Boar, 27 Lakin Road, Warwick, CV34 5BU.

This just happens to be the brewery tap of the Slaughterhouse Brewery.

It is just a 5 minute walk from Warwick Rail Station (not Warwick Parkway). As well as Slaughterhouse ales, there are regular guest ales & what I read is excellent food.

A booking form for both this meeting & LOTY itself in October will be enclosed with the next newsletter, which is at the printers as I write.

These links may prove of interest. and

London Meeting, a reminder

Just a swift post to remind you that the above meeting is taking place as planned planned on Saturday 9th July at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London SE1 4JU.

No doubt this will be another great chance for socialising, buying, selling & swopping labels. Of course there is also the next auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection.

To see what is up for grabs follow this link,

What else, well good food, Harveys ales and if you have time before or after there is Borough Market, just up the road.

Web Site Speed

As some of you may have noticed our web site has slowed down somewhat in the last few weeks.

It is one of those things that creep up on you & suddenly you think, whats goin’ on ‘ere then!

Well after talking with our very helpful hosting company & listening to their suggestions, we hope we have made some improvements to the speed of loading.

Having invoked the assistance of some cloud based servers or something like that and some coding (yes I actually coded something), we are better off than before.

We shall be delving further into the electrons and hope to speed things up some more. Let us know if you have noticed any improvement please.

Label Of The Year 2016

We are delighted to confirm that our premier meeting of 2016, our charity day, is to be held on the 8th October at the 8 Sail Brewery.

As many of you will know 8 Sail are based in Heckington, Lincolnshire.

Further details will be made available in the coming weeks, but the brewery is just a short stagger from Heckington rail station, so is easily accessible.

We shall at 8 Sail’s request be supporting two local charities this year, namely Heckington Area Volunteer Car Service and Lincs Ark, a local animal rescue & re-homing charity.

Members Forum Advice

All members who have provided an email address & are up to date with (or just owing this current year’s) subscriptions, should have received an email with their user name & password for the Members Forum. If you have not received this email please get in touch via the Contact Us page, using the members option from the drop down menu. As we may not have your current email address, in fact we may not have an email address for you, at all.

If you have received the email then enter the user name & password in the new Members Login on the Home page. You should then click on the Members Forum button at the top of the page and you will be ‘in’. An option to change password should also be available.

Hopefully all is working as it should, but if you have any issues please contact us as mentioned above.

We look forward to a tidal wave of questions, answers, information, wants & exchange offers.

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