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No, not just another reminder, but don’t forget the AGM at Fullers on June 10th.

As those of you planning on attending are no doubt wondering, when are we going to find out whats up for grabs in the auction?

Well here we go, but first a short information announcement.

As we may well be pushed for time, it is possible that not all of the labels shown will be auctioned, but we will do our best.



to be continued.

As our members will know from our newsletter, we were fortunate to receive a number of sets of labels from the old Oakleaf Brewing Company.

This was the result of Bernie W talking nicely to Matt Curd, the MD of the successor company, Fallen Acorn Brewing. Matt asked that we sell the labels to benefit Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) and to date, 21 of our generous members have purchased these labels.

This means that so far we have raised £316 for this very fine charity, we hope there will be more to come.

Their cheques should be landing on a desk at WWTW tomorrow morning. If you have not yet purchased your set of labels, we do have some left, so dig out your newsletter for the details of how to acquire you very own set of excellent labels.

Should you be one of the label collectors, who are not members of the Society. We are more than happy to sell you a set for £15 plus postage. There are 31 labels in the set & the majority are from Oakleaf Brewing Company, but there are a few from other brewers also.

If you are interested send us an email, members@ from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

No we are not scanning them all for the website, but a list may be available!

AGM @ Fullers, June 10th

Further to our last post re the above, some of you may be interested in the following.

There is free on-road parking right outside the brewery and on a Saturday, there should not be any problem at all in finding a parking space.

There is no parking on-site, but everyone should be able to park without a problem.

But please, do not drink and drive!

There will be another auction of labels from the collection of the late Des Clarke, selected images will appear in due course

London Meeting in July

Although details have been in the Event Diary for some time, just thought we would remind everyone.

Saturday July 22nd at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London starting at 12 noon, Great venue, always well attended.

And Yes we will be holding a further auction of labels from the late Des Clarke’s collection. More details in due course.

So we look forward to a good crowd, enjoying the Harveys ales, excellent food and of course ‘Summer in the City’.

This may well set off a couple of our regulars, with more appropriate song titles.

AGM @ Fullers update

Apparently our last update was not updated enough, so here are the correct details (I hope)

The date is 10th June & the AGM starts 12.30 in the Main Conference Room, a committee meeting will take place before this commencing at 11.30

For anyone who doesn’t know the location please see below for the full details.

Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, London, W4 2QB. The timetable for the event is below.

** 11.30 – Committee Meeting **

** 12.30 – AGM starts **

** 13.45 – Auction of Des Clarke Labels **

** 14.30 to 15.30 – Brewery Tour (concentrating on the history) **

** 15.30 – Buffet in the Mawson Arms (on site) **

Beer, Soft Drinks and the Buffet at the Mawson Arms are being provided courtesy of Fuller’s.

Those who would prefer not to do the tour are of course welcome to go to the Mawson Arms instead once the AGM is over.

Hopefully we will see a good number of you there on the day!

Commenting on this Blog

If you have tried adding a comment to any of the threads on this blog recently, you may have found that the web site would not accept your comment. I certainly have had problems.

It appears that due to a recent upgrade to the background electrickery, registered users must log in on the home page before being ‘allowed’  to post a comment. Now you are no doubt wondering if you are a registered user. Well if you are a member of the Society & have in the past received a user name & password, then ‘Yes’  you are.

So I am afraid you will need to dig out those bits of information & get into the habit of logging on. You could also visit the members forum, once you have logged on. The forum will be delighted to to hear from you, as it is feeling somewhat neglected.

If you are one of our contributors, who are not as yet a member. Then you can add comments as you have in the past.

Sorry if this puts anyone off due to all the extra keywork, but at present that is how it is. But at least you now know why.

Peterborough Meeting & Auction

Just to remind everyone that our Spring Meeting is being held on 22nd April at The Brewery Tap, 80, Westgate, Peterborough, PE1 2AA.

Kick off is 12.00 or thereabouts, travel permitting of course. There will be another auction of labels from the late Des Clarke’s collection.

As you will see from the images below, we are expecting some competitive bidding and of course you have to be there to stand a chance of taking home some new labels.



Members only, allowed to bid in the auction. However we are always happy to welcome guests.

We look forward to seeing you there

A Blast from the Past – LOTY 2013

Back in the 2013 LOTY competition, we received an entry of a Cupids Ale label & at the time many collectors asked the question.

‘Who brewed this, where do I include it in my collection’

Well, thanks to one of our intrepid label hounds, we can now report that it was almost certainly brewed by RCH Brewery of West Hewish, near Weston-super-Mare.

And before you ask, no we don’t have an image to hand, but if someone does, let us have a scan & we will be happy to retro fit into this post.

Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd

One of our very keen (e)Bay watchers has advised that a label from the above company sold on the well known internet auction site for over £100.And he wonders if this is a record for this particular type of label, namely a bottler of beers, rather than a brewer.

I am not sure what the current record for a single brewery label is either. Last I heard it was over £1000, but I am sure several of our regulars will be able to give us an update on this & perhaps even provide a scan of the label in question.

As you know we try not to miss the opportunity of bringing you images of labels you may not have seen before, so here are three labels from Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd.


Our thanks to he that ‘watcheth’ the auction sites & to Eric for the scans of what I think are truly stunning labels. I look forward to seeing your comments

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