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Well it’s that time of year once again. Yes it is the 2017 LOTY Judging meeting this coming Saturday.

The venue is is the upstairs room at the Fat Cat, Kelham Island, Sheffield. Kick off around 12 noon.

There will another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection.

Please note that will enforce reserves if we have another poor turn out.

In fact we may withdraw certain items. Having said that the items on offer are below.

Sorry for the poorer than usual quality, I am a bit rushed this week. Cannot think why!




I look forward to seeing lots of you there, no excuses we are after all, north of the Watford Gap for a change.

Mystery Label #26 update

Check out original Mystery Label #26 post as further images & the theory from Keith now added.

3 responses thus far, which is great. If you can add to this please reply to original post.

Which is here Mystery Label #26



Mystery Label #26

Keith has provided this image, which he would welcome your thoughts upon.

Now he has a theory regarding this label, but before we share this, would you let us know what you know or suspect.


As we now have some input (thank you guys), we have added another 2 images, which may help to confirm (or not) Keith’s theory which, goes like this.

I am wondering whether the Chapman’s label is in fact Chapman & Co. of the Black Lion Brewery, Brighton?

They ceased around the turn of the 20th century and business was bought by the Rock Brewery, Brighton. However, the premises were sold to Fremlins in 1914 and used by them as a bottling store.  Did they unearth the recipe for English Ale whilst in occupation?

LOTY Judging Meeting

Saturday 16th September at the Fat Cat, 23 Alma Street, Kelham Island, Sheffield. 12 noon start.

Many of you will know the Fat Cat from previous meetings, but it has been a good few years, so we thought it was time to visit again.

There will be another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection, details to follow.

Booking form will be in newsletter currently at the printers, but we will post it here as well for those of you who just cannot wait to book.

Watch these pages!

London Meeting – Afterthoughts

The few of us who turned up, enjoyed a very nice afternoon. We happy few numbering just seven. So why was this the worst attended London meeting?

Possible reasons ???

First weekend of school holidays, somehow I doubt that would be the reason, given our average age.

Lack of interest, maybe, but good labels on offer in auction.

Choice of venue, nah, couldn’t be with Harveys on tap & the Old Ale was excellent. Yes even at this time of year. Great food as well.

Hang over from Borough Market atrocity, maybe, but I sincerely hope not. The Market was great to wander round as always!

If you have any thoughts, please post your reply and as it was listed as a joint meeting, did we clash with other Society’s events?

Summer Meeting: Saturday July 22nd @ 12.00. Venue: Royal Oak, Tabard Street, Borough, London

Right that’s the reminder, don’t forget great Harvey’s Ales & very nice food. Just a short walk from Borough Market, lots of foodie & drinkie stalls.

And the auction labels appear below, (members only for the auction we regret) guests of course very welcome.




Yet another resource of rare labels!

We have, over the last several months talked with the National Brewery Heritage Trust, National Brewery Heritage Trust

Following their acquisition of a collection of pre-war labels from Darleys, the well known label printers in Burton on Trent. Some 250 of these labels have been scanned and can now be seen here National Brewery Heritage Trust Shop there are some 17 pages of labels, so allow yourself a lengthy browsing slot.

OK you will start browsing & think to yourself, nah! got them all. Well be patient because I think you may be in for a surprise or three. If you find one that you have lusted after for years, well at least now you can buy one, albeit as a coaster. Ideal for home bars, man caves or just to put your pint on whilst adding all those new labels to your collections.

We hope that more of these labels will be scanned over the coming months, in the meantime, go browse, enjoy & feel very jealous. I certainly did!



What:     #Label Of The Year is our annual charity fundraiser

Why:      To raise ££££s for #SaveTheChildren (and add to your label collection)

Who:      Our hosts this year, the Outstanding Brewery Co. Ltd @outstandingbeers

Where:   Unit 2, Foundry Business Park, Ordsall Lane, Salford, Greater Manchester, M5 2AN

When:    Saturday 7th October 2017 (Kick off 12.00, well we are not far from Old Trafford)

More details in due course, check out