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Where Are We Today #2?

Well you were warned, that there could be more of these.

So who has any idea?

It is in the UK.


Our First E-Auction

For those of you who are not regular visitors to your In Box. It may well be an opportune time to have a gander.

Our first E-Auction was mailed out electronically (of course) last night.

So have a look, there may well be some labels you wish to bid for.

Needless to say it is strictly (no dancing required) Members Only.

If you know of a fellow member, who does not have email/internet access, print off the files & pass them on please. I am sure you would be happy to forward their bids also.

See the Bid Submission Form for full details, if we have a good response to this trial, then the E-Auction is likely to become a regular event.

Yes, we know some of you will absolutely hate the idea, but it is the way forward & it is relatively cheap to do.

If you have not received the email, then it is likely we do not have your current/latest email address. Pop over to our contact page & email members @ & we will send you the relevant files.

Happy bidding to you all

Cheers Pete

Where Are We Today #1?

Just a silly post, but who knows may start a regular new theme on our blog. Anyone who is local, please refrain from spoiling the suspense.

Plenty of clues of course in the picture, oh and of course there are absolutely no prizes!

And who is the person with the white coat?

Charity Confirmation

Sorry for confusion in last post re the charity. I was obviously suffering from LOTY burn out yesterday evening. I had TV on in background & I confused charities. It was definitely Save The Children Fund.

Thanks again to all, who made our day at Outstanding Brewery, so outstanding.


Just a swift post after a long day at Outstanding Brewery. Firstly major thanks to David Porter our host today. Thanks also to Rock the Boat Brewery for coming along to collect their award and great to meet the designer of the winning standard label. Thanks to the select number of our members who made the effort.

Strange that all of the members, who complain about meetings south of the Watford Gap, were again absent today. Beats me!

So before I reveal how much we raised, must also thank the girls from Origami Brewery for their help & sort after labels they donated.

And finally we handed over to a warm & fuzzy David, a cheque made out to Save The Children Fund for £2,000.

Yes, we hit 2 grand, yet again. If more people had made the effort it could have been much, much more!

Here’s to the 35th LOTY next year.



It’s LOTY Tomorrow

Well it is nearly here, our big charity day is on Saturday.

Where: Outstanding Brewery Salford

Kick off: 12 noon

What do you need: Lots of cash to support Save The Children

Raffle prizes will be most welcome.

Lots of good stuff, old & new in auctions.

Remember you asked for a meeting ‘up north’, so we expect to see some new faces.

LOTY Auction Teaser – Last One

Yes, Afraid this is the last “Teaser” post before LOTY.



There will be another 15 or so on the day.

So I guess you will just have to be there.

If you want to know what else is going to be up for grabs.

You know you want to, so please make the effort.

Once a year cannot be too much to ask, surely?

Or might this be the last ever LOTY ???

LOTY Auction Teaser #3

As threatened the other day, here is an image of another label, up for grabs this Saturday.

No, there is not a chunk missing top right, it is the lot number label. I cleverly packed them up before scanning, and no time to photoshop

LOTY 2017 – The Big Day – Almost Here

As many of you will know, it is just is just 8 days to our annual charity day. Hopefully you are preparing for your trip to Salford.

Our hosts, The Outstanding Brewery have chosen Save the Children as the charity for this year and if you ever watch the news you will know this to be a very deserving cause. So we hope to see lots of you there on the 7th, with plenty of cash to spend & large bags to carry home all you new labels.

What else can yo do to help the day be as  successful as possible, well we always need raffle & auction items. A is normal we will be auctioning those modern labels that are in short supply & we will have one or two surprises among them. Also there will be some older labels for auction, which have kindly been donated to the Society for our charity fund raising.

So here are a couple that will be up for grabs next Saturday, we will be putting a few more up over the coming days


For those of us who have spent the last several months, collecting, sorting & assembling display boards, our work is almost done.

Now it is over to you to ensure we raise as much as we can for this year’s charity. See you in Salford