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Labels from the Post-Prohibition era

In 1933, the 18th amendment which had brought in Prohibition across all states was gradually rolled back. In April 1933, 3.2% alcohol by weight was deemed non-intoxicating and could therefore be brewed and sold. Within 24 hours of legalisation it is estimated that 1.5 million barrels of beer were sold. All references in the constitution were repealed in December 1933, however many individual counties and states remained ‘dry’. The last state to repeal prohibition was Mississippi in 1966. The number of breweries in the United States went from over 3000 in the nineteenth century to 1500 in 1915 as more states enacted prohibition. In 1933 there were 34 and by the end of 1934 756 breweries were in operation. Initially all operating brewers were required to include their permit number, the u permit, and the words ‘Tax Paid at the rate prescribed by Internal Revenue law’ later shortened to ‘Internal Revenue Tax Paid’. This requirement was removed in 1950 which provided a dating milestone for collectors. Many only collect labels from before this date.

Things to look out for:

The German influence was still strong in the brewing industry.

There was still some benefit in advertising a British connection.

The number of goats which accompanied Bock beers.

The requirement to include the bottle or cask  contents is clear. However what do you make of the contents of the Maier label?

Labels for export beers were withdrawn from the requirement to pay the Internal Revenue Tax. The label had to state this. Acme for example.

The number of native Americans used to advertise beers.

The Mexican influence in California.

The dire warning on the Hawaii label.

The beer named after a lump of coal.

The brewery named after a breed of dog.



A B Co Brewers, Scranton PA

Acme Brewing Co, Los Angeles CA

Albion Brewing Co, San Francisco CA

Alexandria Brewing Co, Alexandria MN

Ambassador Brewing Co, Los Angeles CA

American Brewing Co, Honolulu HI

American Brewing Co, Honolulu HI

Anaconda Brewing Co, Anaconda MT

Apex Brewing Co, Seattle WA

Arcadia Brewing Co, Arcadia WI

Arizona Brewing Co, Phoenix, AZ

Ashland Brewery, Ashland PA

Ashland Brewing Co, Ashland WI

Atlas Brewing Co, Chicago IL

August Wagner & Sons Brewing Co, Columbus OH

Atlantic Ice & Coal Co, Chattanooga TN

Aurora Brewing Co, Aurora IL

Baltimore Brewing Co, Baltimore MD

Bartels Brewing Co, Edwardsville PA

Berlin Brewing Co, Berlin WI

John F Betz & Son Inc, Philadelphia PA

Binzel Brewing Co, Oconomowoc WI

Bleser Brewing Co, Manitowoc WI

Bluff City Brewery Inc, Alton IL

Blumer Products Co, Blumer WI

Boscobel Brewing Co, Boscobel WI

Boyertown Brewing Co, Boyertown PA

Brackenridge Brewing Co, Brackenridge PA

Bradford Beer Corp, Bradford PA

Brewing Corp of America, Cleveland OH

Bruckman Co, Cincinnati OH

The Buckeye Brewing Co, Toledo OH

Bushkill Products Co, Easton PA

Butte Brewing Co, Butte MT

C & K Brewing Co, Detroit MI

Cape Brewing Co, Cape Girardeau MO

Capitol Brewing Co, Milwaukee WI

Capitol Brewing Co, Milwaukee WI

Casper Brewing Co, Casper WY

Century Brewing Association, Seattle WA

Champion Brewing Co, San Antonio TX

Chester Brewery, Chester PA

Cincinnati Brewing Co, Cincinnati OH

City Ice & Beverage Co, Altoona PA

Class & Nachod Brewing Co, Philadelphia PA

Cleveland Home Brewing Co, Cleveland OH

Cold Spring Brewing Co, Cold Spring MN

Columbia Brewing Co, Jersey City NJ

Columbia Brewing Co, St Louis MO

Columbia Breweries Inc, Tacoma WA

The Columbus Brewing Co, Columbus NE

Commonwealth Brewing Co, Springfield MA

Consumers Brewing Co Newark OH

Cream City Brewing Co, Milwaukee WI

Cremo Brewing Co Inc, New Britain CT

Crescent Brewing Co, Marionville MO

Crete Brewery, Crete NE

Daeufer Lieberman Brewery, Allentown PA

Dawson's Brewery Inc, New Bedford MA

Dayton Brewing Corp, Dayton OH

Delta Brewing Co, Escabana MI

Denmark Brewing Co, Denmark WI

Deppen Manufacturing Co, Reading PA

Derby Brewing Co, Pittsburg PA

Diamond State Brewery Inc, Wilmington DE

Christ. Diehl Brewing Co, Defiance OH

Geo Doehne, Harrisburg PA

Geo Doehne, Harrisburg PA

Duluth Brewing & Malting Co, Duluth MN

Eldredge Brewing Co Portsmouth NH

Electric City Brewing Co, Kaukauna WI

Elk Brewing Co, Kittanning PA

Empire City Brewing Co, Brooklyn NY

Engesser Brewing Co, St Peter MN

Erie Brewing Co, Erie PA

Esslingers Inc, Philadephia PA

Falls City Brewing Co, Louisville KY

Falstaff Brewing Corp, St Louis MO

Christian Feigenspan Brewing Co, Newark NJ

Fell Brewing Co, Carbondale PA

Fergus Breweries, Fergus Falls MN

Fesenmeier Brewing Co, Huntingdon WV

Flower City Brewing Co, Olean NY

Fontenelle Brewing Co, Omaha NE

Fort Pitt Brewing Co, Pittsburgh PA

Fort Pitt Brewing Co, Pittsburgh PA

The Foss Schneider Co Inc, Cincinnati OH

The Foss Schneider Co Inc, Cincinnati OH 2

Fox Lake Brewing Co, Fox Lake WI

Freeland Brewing Co, Freeland PA

Franklin Brewing Co, Columbus OH

Furmann & Schmidt Brewing Co, Shamokin PA

Gallatin Brewing Co, Bozeman MT

General Braddock Brewing Corp, Braddock PA

William Gerst Brewing Co, Nashville TN

Glen Brewing Co, Watkins Glen NY

Gluek Brewing Co, Minneapolis MN

Goldenrod Brewery Inc, Brooklyn NY

Grand Rapids Brewing Co, Grand Rapids MI

Great Falls Brewing Co, Great Falls MT

Greensburg Brewing Co, Greensburg PA

Robert H Graupner Inc, Harrisburg PA

Gunther Brewing Co, Baltimore MD

A Haas Brewing Co, Houghton MI

Haefner Brewing Co, Lancaster PA

Haehnle Brewing Co, Jackson MI

Theo Hamm Brewing Co, St Paul MN

The Hartig Co, Watertown WI

Health Beverage Co, Reading PA

Hollen Brewing Co, Warwick RI

Home Brewing Co, Richmond VA

Honer Brewing Co, Battle Creek MI

Horluck Brewing Co, Seattle WA

Hornell Brewing Co, Hornell NY

Howell & King Co, Pittston PA

Hudepohl Brewing Co, Cincinnati OH

Huntley Brewing Co, Huntley IL

Jackson Brewing Co, New Orleans LA, for Forst Products Co

Jetter Brewing Co, Omaha NE

Kalispell Malting & Brewing Co, Kalispell MT

Kingsbury Brewing Co, Manitowoc WI

Kraft Brewing Co, Detroit MI

Kuhn's Inc, Jamestown NY

La Crosse Breweries Inc, La Crosse WI

Largay Brewing Co, Waterbury CT

Lebanon Valley Brewing Co, Lebanon PA

Lockport Brewing Co, Lock Haven PA

Lion Brewery, Wilkes Barr PA

Lubeck Brewing Co, Toledo OH

MacDonald Brewery, Chicago Heights IL

Maier Brewing Co, Los Angeles CA

Maier Brewing Co, Los Angeles CA

McGovern Brewery Co, Marionville MO

Miami Brewery, Hialeah FL

Michigan Brewing Co, Grand Rapids MI

Midland Brewing Co, Midland MI

Midwest Brewing Co, Red Wing MN

Miller Brewing Co, Milwaukee WI

Missoula Brewing Co, Missoula MT

Mohawk Products Co Inc, Buffalo NY

Moose Brewing Co, Roscoe PA

Mount Carbon Brewery, Pottsville PA

John P Muldowney Brewery, Mt Carmel PA

Mutual Brewing Co, Ellensburg WA

Neustadtl Brewing Corp, New York City NY & Stroudsburg PA

North Pole Brewing Co, Fairmont WV

Oconto Brewing Co, Oconto WI

Oil City Brewing Co, Oil City PA

Old Munich Brewing Co, Cincinnati OH

Old Port Brewing Co, Port Washington WI

Old Reading Brewery Inc, Reading PA

Olt Bros Brewing Co, Dayton OH

Orange County Brewery Inc, Middletown NY

Henry F Ortlieb, Philadelphia PA

Oshkosh Brewing Co, Oshkosh WI

H J Osterstock, Seitz Brewery, Easton PA

Otto's Brewery Inc, Mantorville MN

Overland Beverage Co Inc, Nampa ID

Pacific Brewing & Malting Co, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco CA

Peerless Brewing Co, Washington MO

Penn State Brewery, Lancaster PA

Peoples Brewing Co, Duluth MN

Philadelphia Brewing Co, Philadelphia PA

Philipsburg Brewing Co, Philipsburg PA

Pilsen Brewing Co, Chicago IL

Pilsener Brewing Co of Alaska, Ketchikan AK

Pioneer Brewing Co, Aberdeen WA

Pioneer Brewing Co, Fairbanks AK

Pittsburgh Brewing Co, Uniontown PA

Platteville Brewery Inc, Platteville WI

Pointer Brewery Co, Clinton IA

Poth Brewing Co, Philadelphia PA

Power City Brewing Co, Niagara Falls NY

Premier Brewing Co Inc, Fergus Falls MN

Princeton Brewing Co, Princeton WI

Princeton Brewing Co, Princeton WI

Pure Springs Brewing Co, Fountain Springs PA

Red Top Brewing Co, Cincinnati OH

Riverside Brewing Co, Columbus OH

Rock River Brewing Co, Rockford IL

Rockwood Brewery Corp, Rockwood PA

San Antonio Brewing Association, San Antonio TX

San Diego Brewing Co, San Diego CA

St Cloud Brewing Co, St Cloud MN

St Mary's Beverage Co, St Mary's PA

Adam Scheidt Brewing Co, Norristown PA

Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co, St Paul MN

The Schmidt Brewing Co, Detroit MI

Ph Schneider Brewing Co, Trinidad CO

Schorr Kolkschneider Brewing Co, St Louis MO

Schönbrunn Brewing Co, Sturgeon Bay WI

Schultz Brewing Co, Union City, NJ

Seeber Brewing Co, Elizabeth NJ

Semrad Pusch Brewing Co, Highland WI

Sioux City Brewing Co, Sioux City IA

Southern Indiana Ice & Beverage Co, New Albany IN

Southern Oregon Brewing Co, Medford OR

Southeastern Brewing Co, Chattanooga TN

Spokane Brewing & Malting Co, Spokane WA

Standard Brewing Co, Cleveland OH

Standard Brewing Co, Scranton PA

The Star Beverage Co, Minster OH

Superior Brewing Co, Fort Worth TX

Superior Brewing Co, Fort Worth TX

Sweetwater Brewery Inc, Green River WY

Tampa Florida Brewery Inc, Tampa FL

Tarr Brewing Co, Tarr PA

The Tivoli Union Co, Denver CO

Tonawanda Brewing Co, Tonawanda NY

Trainer Brewing Co, Philadelphia PA

Tuna Brewing Co, West Palm Beach FL

Twenty Grand Products Co, Cincinnati OH

Utah Brewing Co, Salt Lake City UT

Vernon Brewing Co, Vernon CA

The Walter Brewing Co, Pueblo CO

Washington Breweries Inc, Columbus OH

Washington Brewing Co, Washington PA

Whitewater Brewing Co, Whitewater WI

Wolverine Brewing Co, Pontiac MI

John Jacob Wolf, Inc, Philadelphia PA

Yakima Brewing & Bottling Co, Yakima WA

Yonkers Colonial Corp, Yonkers NY

Yough Brewing Co, Connellsville PA

Zorn Brewing Co, Michigan City IN


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