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Brickwood & Co Ltd

The first introduction of the Brickwood family to brewing was in 1851, when Fanny Brckwood bought the Cobden Arms Brewery, Landport. Grandsons John & Arthur in 1875 and in 1880 moved to the Hyde Park Brewery in Southsea, then in 1887 to Tessier’s Portsmouth Brewery which had been founded in 1763. Early labels give this as the date of establishment of the company. The company was registered as Brickwood and Co Ltd in 1899. Jewell’s Catherine Brewery was purchased in 1899 and rebuilt as the Portsmouth Brewery, occupied from 1902 onwards. When Pike, Spicer was acquired in 1911, the establishment date became 1705, which seems to be the date of William Pike’s brewing apprenticeship indenture. The Southampton connection came from 1925 to 1928 when 4 breweries were taken over. Long’s of Southsea were taken over in 1933, the head brewer of Long’s became head brewer at the Portsmouth brewery and explains the group of labels headed Long’s. The name was changed to Brickwoods Ltd in 1953 after the merger with Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries.

In 1971 the company was bought by Whitbread’s, became part of Whitbread Wessex Ltd and closure came in 1983.

I have had some difficulty dating some of these labels so nay help would be greatly appreciated.

Brickwood Oat Malt Stout Pre 1911

Oatmeal Stout 1900s

Diamond Ale 1920s

Diamond Ale 1920s

Double Diamond Ale 1920s

Double Diamond Ale 1920s

Little Bricky Double Diamond Ale

Brown Brew late 1920s and early 30s

Brown Brew late 1920s and early 30s

Dinner Ale Late 1920s early 30s

Light Dinner Ale Late 1920s early 30s

Oatmalt Stout Late 1920s early 30s

Pale Ale Late 1920s early 30s

Popular Stout Late 1920s early 30s

Popular Stout Late 1930s

Long's Light Bitter Ale 1930s

Long's Dinner Ale 1930s

Long's First Prize Stout 1930s

Long's Gold Cup Ale 1930s

Long Oatmalt Stout 1930s

Dinner Ale 1930s

Dinner Ale late 1930s

Oat Malt Stout 1930s

Export Pale Ale 1930s

Famous Portsmouth Beer 1930s

Light Bitter Ale 1930s

Light Bitter Ale late 1930s

Guinness pre 1936

Sunshine Milk Stout late 1930s

Oatmalt Stout late 1930s

Oatmalt Stout 1940s

Sunshine Brand Export Stout 1940s

Old Country Strong Ale 1940s

Old Country Strong Ale 1940s

Guinness post 1936

Sunshine Ale 1930s

Sunshine Stopper

Light Sunshine Ale 1940s

Light Sunshine Ale 1940s

Light Sunshine Ale 1940s

Sunshine Ale 1940s

Sunshine Beer 1940s

Sunshine Dark 1940s

Pale Ale

Brown Brew

India Pale Ale

Light Bitter Ale

Original Malt Stout

Stopper labels 1940s

Big Bricky 1

Big Bricky 2

Big Bricky 3

Little Bricky 1

Little Bricky 2

Little Bricky 3

Oatmalt Stout stoppers

Guinness 1950s

Brown Brew early 1950s

Light Bitter Ale early 1950s

Original Malt Stout early 1950s

Coronation Ale 1953

Little Bricky 1940s

Little Bricky early 1950s

Little Bricky late 1950s

Little Bricky 1960s

Black Bricky 1950s

Admiral Stout 1950s

Brown Ale 1950s

Original Malt Stout 1950s

Pompey XXXXX Dark Ale 1950s

Sunshine India Pale Ale 1950s

Guinness 1950s


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  • This is really a great batch of labels and so good to have them represented in our Gallery!
    Many, many thanks to Geoff for submitting these!
    There must be a lot of you out there with some great labels in your collection from breweries not yet represented in our Gallery. How about submitting them so we can display them on our site??

  • Excellent set some of which I have not got and a few I have got but not shown. where are the later ones up to the last little bricky whitbread wessex?

  • Great resource I have just bought a sunshine pale ale glass that I now have the history for thanks

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