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It’s LOTY Tomorrow

Well it is nearly here, our big charity day is on Saturday.

Where: Outstanding Brewery Salford

Kick off: 12 noon

What do you need: Lots of cash to support Save The Children

Raffle prizes will be most welcome.

Lots of good stuff, old & new in auctions.

Remember you asked for a meeting ‘up north’, so we expect to see some new faces.

LOTY Auction Teaser – Last One

Yes, Afraid this is the last “Teaser” post before LOTY.



There will be another 15 or so on the day.

So I guess you will just have to be there.

If you want to know what else is going to be up for grabs.

You know you want to, so please make the effort.

Once a year cannot be too much to ask, surely?

Or might this be the last ever LOTY ???

LOTY and Site update

Three things in this post. For Outstanding Brewery, anyone driving, or walking from Exchange Quay metrolink stop should go down Ordsall Lane. The brewery is directly opposite Ordsall Hall, which you can see here.

Anyone arriving in the Manchester area on Friday and is wondering which of the many attractions to visit, should consider the Trackside Bar in Bury ELR station at 1 o’clock for a refreshment or two and then travel on to the Irwell Works Brewery in Ramsbottom for further refreshments.

And finally, there have been many additions to the Featured Brewery section and the Brewers in Lancashire sections of the website. Thanks to Keith who provided images for Nicholson & Sons which you can find HERE and the Carlisle Old Brewery which you can find HERE

The are additions to Brewers in Lancashire HERE and both the Pre_Pro and Post Pro US labels.

LOTY Auction Teaser #3

As threatened the other day, here is an image of another label, up for grabs this Saturday.

No, there is not a chunk missing top right, it is the lot number label. I cleverly packed them up before scanning, and no time to photoshop

LOTY 2017 – The Big Day – Almost Here

As many of you will know, it is just is just 8 days to our annual charity day. Hopefully you are preparing for your trip to Salford.

Our hosts, The Outstanding Brewery have chosen Save the Children as the charity for this year and if you ever watch the news you will know this to be a very deserving cause. So we hope to see lots of you there on the 7th, with plenty of cash to spend & large bags to carry home all you new labels.

What else can yo do to help the day be as  successful as possible, well we always need raffle & auction items. A is normal we will be auctioning those modern labels that are in short supply & we will have one or two surprises among them. Also there will be some older labels for auction, which have kindly been donated to the Society for our charity fund raising.

So here are a couple that will be up for grabs next Saturday, we will be putting a few more up over the coming days


For those of us who have spent the last several months, collecting, sorting & assembling display boards, our work is almost done.

Now it is over to you to ensure we raise as much as we can for this year’s charity. See you in Salford

The Label and the Beer in the bottle

I received an email yesterday and thought it deserved publishing. We all admire any number of labels, but what about the beer in the bottle. I think this deserves to be followed up.


As a lover of all things beer, I have been following the site for some time and appreciating the history and evolution of beer labels that has been presented on the site as an ‘armchair viewer’ if you will.

There are many labels that are brilliant and the stories behind them better still (my favourite being desert island labels!), however I never felt that I fully appreciated the magic and allure of labels until Tuesday night.

I have my shelf, as I always do, a selection of beers ready for the weekend or if I fancy a weeknight tipple. When I choose a beer from the local supermarket my choice has never been about what beer has a good label but rather, what have I not had? And so on my shelf I had a bottle of Box Steam Brewery – Tunnel Vision. Amongst all the other beers on the shelf this beer was rather unassuming but every time I looked up at it I thought ‘that beer is going to be superb!’ Now, as I said, the label wasn’t that exciting, just a standard Box Steam label, but something about it said ‘drink me’. So, sure enough, on Tuesday I did. And it was superb. And I think I finally understood the nature of a label to instill in a beer lover that feeling of yes, that is a beer I want to drink and I will forever remember that certainty of knowing it was going to be great because of the label.

John D

Mystery Labels #27

A request from Onno in the Netherlands:

The Phoenix brewery in Amersfoort had several Pelican labels for Light Lager and Dark Lager (i.e. Münchener).

Most of the UK business by Phoenix was done with Export Bottlers or the constituent companies and their different Brands. Pelican used to be Machen, but………just above the beer type diverse logo’s are used. As you see in attached file there are three different ones. My question is about those. Is there anyone amongst the Labologists in UK knowing the origins?


One of the labels auctioned at the Sheffield meeting was a Trent Stout label. It was pointed out at the meeting that it was the variation with horizontal ‘bottled by’ rather than the more common curved version. Happily the pair are now side by side.

Well it’s that time of year once again. Yes it is the 2017 LOTY Judging meeting this coming Saturday.

The venue is is the upstairs room at the Fat Cat, Kelham Island, Sheffield. Kick off around 12 noon.

There will another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection.

Please note that will enforce reserves if we have another poor turn out.

In fact we may withdraw certain items. Having said that the items on offer are below.

Sorry for the poorer than usual quality, I am a bit rushed this week. Cannot think why!




I look forward to seeing lots of you there, no excuses we are after all, north of the Watford Gap for a change.

Mystery Label #26 update

Check out original Mystery Label #26 post as further images & the theory from Keith now added.

3 responses thus far, which is great. If you can add to this please reply to original post.

Which is here Mystery Label #26