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Latest Entries for LOTY 2013

The latest entrants to beat the rapidly approaching Wednesday 4th September are Shepherd Neame, Frederic Robinson, Hopping Mad Brewers, Bowness Bay Brewing, Gun Dog Ales. Some excellent quality designs amongst these.

A number of other companies have promised entries before the cut off, so watch this space ! ! !

Although I have received very few (one) comments in response to my first Spot the Difference, as I threatened here comes #2

Sometimes you notice very slight differences, that had previously escaped your attention. The label on the left arrived recently, an eBay purchase.


Brutton Mitchell Toms comparative

The inclusion of the comma after Mitchell and Toms, or the lack of them, both round the top and in the black box led me to wonder, if there were similar pairs of their other labels.

It seems the version with both commas is much more usual. Could it be that the brewery used the different styles to identify the printer responsible??

The labels would appear to be of the same period.

Any further information may be left as a comment to this post. To do this just click on the title above & wait for a new window to open.

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The deadline for entries to this year’s competition is 4th September, please do not miss the opportunity to take part. Help us to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support & Keech Hospice Care.

Details of how to enter are on the our Label Of The Year page.  Why not join these breweries who have lent their support by entering this year’s competition.

Dancing Duck Brewery, Adventure Brewery, Fuller, Smith & Turner, Arundel Brewery, Whitstable Brewery, Cotleigh Brewery, Oldershaw Brewery, Blindmans Brewery, Red Rock Brewery, Clearwater Brewery, Okells Brewery, Grainstore Brewery, Wye Valley Brewery, Prescott Ales, Birds Brewery, Wood Brewery, Felinfoel Brewery, Nobby’s Brewery, Corinium Ales, Worthingtons, Butcombe Brewery, Potbelly Brewery, Arkells Brewery

Despite having collected labels on and off for over thirty years there is always a surprise waiting round the corner.


This is particularly true if you are deeply interested (or should that be really sad?) in finding the minute differences between different issues of  a particular label.

Gartsides comparative


The Old Tom on the left I have had in my collection for a number of years and until recently I assumed it was the only version around. Until that is I came across the one on the right, which I believe to be an earlier design of the label. At first sight it appears that it is just heavier ink deposition, but look closer & you will see the area of ‘grass’ the dog is standing on is definitely different. What other differences can you find?


If there is positive feedback (or any at all) on this post, I shall do my best to provide more examples of labels with small, but clearly discernible differences.

New Labels Issued in August

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Just another 4 weeks to the deadline for entries, why not join with the other 120+ breweries who have already taken the plunge. Let us have your entries for Label Of The Year

2013  and help us to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support & Keech Hospices. This is our 30th Label Of The Year and thus far we have raised over £56, 115 for charities

chosen by the brewing industry. To all of you who have supported us so far this year & in the past, Thank You, you generosity & help is invaluable.

Latest update to website

Two new ‘Featured Breweries’ added today, Carter, Milner & Bird and Lloyd & Yorath.

Also  a good number of new images in our ‘Gallery’ sections.

If you would like some of your most prized labels to feature on our web pages, see below.

Please send individual images as pdfs or jpegs, with any text you wish including to our

webmaster, from our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

Please remember that if you wish to attend either the Judging Meeting on 14th September at the Brunswick Inn, Derby or the main LOTY meeting on 19th October at Charles Wells Ltd., Bedford.

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Label Of The Year – Entries update

We are delighted that to date over 100 brewing companies have decided to support us, either directly or via their bottling companies. Our efforts this year on behalf of our hosts Charles Wells Ltd., will benefit Macmillan Cancer Support & Keech Hospices, both very worthy causes. The following companies have been kind enough to enter labels in this year’s competition and our sincere thanks go to each & every one of them.

Alechemy Brewing Co. Allendale Brewery, Anarchy Brew Co. Arbor Ales, Archerfield Ales, Ashley Down Brewery, Barngates Brewery, Big Lamp Brewery, Black Edge Brewery, Black Flag Brewery, Black Paw Brewery, Box Steam Brewery, Brampton Brewery, Brecon Brewing, Brentwood Brewery, Bridestones Brewery , Burnside Brewery, Burscough Brewing Co Ltd, By The Horns Brewery, Cader Ales, City of Cambridge Brewery, Cliff Quay Brewery, Consett Ale Works, Crate Brewery, Crouch Vale Brewery, Dark Horse Brewery, Dark Star Brewery, Darwin Brewery, Donnington Brewery, Dorset Brewing Co. Dunscar Bridge Brewery, Earl Soham Brewery, Eden Brewery, Elixir Brew Co. Exeter Brewery, Fallen Brewing Co, Geeves Brewery, Geltsdale Brewery, Georges Brewery, Glastonbury Ales, Goody Ales, Great Orme Brewery, Great Western Brewing, Hackney Brewery, Hadrian & Border Brewery, Hawkshead Brewery,, Heavy Industry Brewery, Hellhound Brewery, High Weald Brewery, Hill Island Brewery, Hogs Back Brewery, Hopdaemon Brewery, Independent Lakeland Breweries, Irwell Works Brewery, Jersey Brewery, Just a Minute Brewery, Keswick Brewing Co. Knops Beer Company, Lancaster Brewery, Langham Brewery, Leyden Brewery, Llangollen Brewery,, Loch Lomond Brewery, Marstons, Mauldons Brewery, Mayfields Brewery, Mobberley Fine Ales, Naylors Brewery, Nethergate Brewery, Nine Standards Brewery, Northumberland Brewery, Offa Brewing Co, Old Worthy Brewing, Orkney Brewery, Ouseburn Valley Brewery, Oxfordshire Ales, Peerless Brewing Co. Prospect Brewery, Quantock Brewery, Ramsbury Brewery, Raw Brewing Company, Redwell Brewing, Revolutions Brewing, River Leven Ales, Rother Valley Brewery, S. A. Brain, Saffron Brewery, Scottish Borders Brewery, Ship Inn Brewery, Sonnet 43 Brewery, Southport Brewery, Stringers Beer, Stroud Brewery, Surrey Hills Brewery, Tatton Brewery, The Rat Brewery, Tirril Brewery, Towles’ Fine Ales, Tring Brewery, Tyne Bank Brewery, Ulverston Brewing, Unsworth’s Yard Brewery, Venns Brewery, West Berkshire Brewery, Wharfebank Brewery, Whittlebury Brewery, Wild Weather Ales, Wincle Brewery, Winster Valley Brewery, Wiper & True, Wolf Brewery, Woodlands Brewery, Worsthorne Brewery, Wylam Brewery, XT Brewing Co. Yates Brewery

Please remember that if you wish to attend either the Judging Meeting in September or the main LOTY meeting in October, you must reserve your place(s) by contacting our Treasurer via our ‘Getting in Touch’ page.

Alternatively please use the booking forms in the next newsletter.

Updates to this site

Over the last week or so we have added a number of new images to our galleries. There is also a new ‘Featured Brewery’, namely Hereford & Tredegar. Also new is a Label Of The Year 2012 page, with the results of the event and detail of money raised for charity. We will hopefully upload some selected images from last year’s event  in the near future.

Further details of entries received for Label Of The Year 2013 will also appear in the near future. If you are a Twitterer, Tweep or just someone who uses Twitter, keep an eye on @Labology as info will also be published by ‘bird of mouth’ or is that ‘mouth of bird’. Either way check back regularly.