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Advent Calendar Day 2

Apologies for the delay in getting day 2 sorted, but Saturday in Norwich took up considerably more than the whole day. And excellent it was too, great turnout and the local people brought in some very interesting items of breweriana. My favourite was undoubtedly this label from Day & Son of St Neots in Huntingdonshire. The owner was particularly pleased that we valued it in excess of £400, providing the right buyer could be found.

Advent Calendar Day 1

I just had to start with this. Backwoods B*Stard from Founders Brewing Co in Grand Rapids Michigan. A bottle arrived at my house earlier this week and I couldn’t help noticing the advertising.

Steady Now!

This ain’t no lawn-mowing’ beer!

An Imperial Stout at somewhere over 11% ABV, I think I understand why. Two things I want from you. Is it as good as the 100 rating from one beer rating site and what would you describe as a lawn-mowing beer?

Norwich Meeting 2nd December

As you will be aware from this blog & Society emails, there will be a Breweriana Roadshow style meeting in Norwich on 2nd December.

In addition there will be for Members Only, another auction of labels from the Des Clarke collection. Images appear below of those on offer next weekend.





Regional Meeting – Norwich 2nd December

Some of our East Anglian members have arranged a meeting in Norwich for the 2nd December. In addition to a social meeting with an opportunity for the exchange of labels. There will also be an auction of a limited number of labels from the Des Clarke collection.

This meeting is being advertised locally as an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ event, so who knows what the locals may bring along. The press release appears below, so now you know of another important date for the diary.

The Norfolk branch of the Labologist’s Society (The international society of label collectors and brewery research), are inviting members of the public to attend a Norfolk Breweriana Antiques Roadshow.

FREE appraisals will be undertaken at the Fat Cat and Canary pub, 101 Thorpe Road, Norwich NR1 1TR from 11am on Saturday 2nd December 2017.

Anyone with a beer label pre 2000 can ask “What’s it worth?”

Labologists spokesperson Nick Drew explains, “Breweriana (labels, mats, embossed bottles, playing cards, trays, signs etc.) may be valuable if old, rare or sought after.

Items from local breweries such as Ballards, Steward & Patterson, E. & G. Morse and several others are well hunted after.

In October this year one individual rare Hancocks Brewery of Wiveliscombe label sold at auction at a cost to the buyer of in excess of £1,150! And, it is not only labels that reach such heights – also in October this year, a 1940’s Flat Top Mule Head Beer Can attracted 33 bids and sold in the USA for $3,250”.

The Labologists are asking the public to search out any old Brewery ephemera, that they may have inherited or have hidden away in the backs of drawers or in their attics and to bring them along on the day. Appointments are not necessary, and it is hoped that some valuable gems will be discovered. Labologist members will be on hand to explain the history of items, to research sale values and advise on how best to either protect the item and its value, or how to sell it for the maximum price. Advice will be offered in a discrete and confidential manner.

Nick Drew comments “A book of old beer labels was recently taken to an auction house in the South of England that placed a value of £300- £500 on it. The Auctioneers did not realise that the collection was put together pre 1900 and contained a number of almost certainly unique labels. Luckily for the book owner, at least two people at the auction were aware of the value and the price finally reached £18,000. WOW!”

Now in its 34th year of fundraising for charity at the ‘Label of the Year’ event, the Labologists Society has raised £67,986 for UK charities including £2,000 this year for, Save the Children. The Labologist’s Society web site can be found on where full details of the charities supported over the years may be found.

So it may well be worth your while to pop along to Norwich for an interesting afternoon & who knows if successful, this meeting format may well be rolled out more widely.

Where Are We Today #2?

Well you were warned, that there could be more of these.

So who has any idea?

It is in the UK.


Our First E-Auction

For those of you who are not regular visitors to your In Box. It may well be an opportune time to have a gander.

Our first E-Auction was mailed out electronically (of course) last night.

So have a look, there may well be some labels you wish to bid for.

Needless to say it is strictly (no dancing required) Members Only.

If you know of a fellow member, who does not have email/internet access, print off the files & pass them on please. I am sure you would be happy to forward their bids also.

See the Bid Submission Form for full details, if we have a good response to this trial, then the E-Auction is likely to become a regular event.

Yes, we know some of you will absolutely hate the idea, but it is the way forward & it is relatively cheap to do.

If you have not received the email, then it is likely we do not have your current/latest email address. Pop over to our contact page & email members @ & we will send you the relevant files.

Happy bidding to you all

Cheers Pete

Kent’s Desert Island Beer Labels #10

My last label has been the most difficult to choose. Should it be another Kent label? Perhaps another Russells? In the end I opted for this elegant design from the Cirencester Brewery, partly because it’s another West Country (well Gloucestershire) company but mainly the fact that I first saw it on a poster produced by Courage for their Bicentenary illustrating labels from the companies they’d acquired over the years. I thought wow! What a fantastic label, not ever dreaming that I might get an example one day. It just goes to show that collecting is a long game; persistence may one day pay off!

As a postscript I’d add that these choices are just a snapshot. I’ve still got many labels and companies I’d really like to have which are not yet represented in my collection so I’ve got my sights set on a few – this selection might change!

Kent’s Desert Island Beer Labels #9

We travel back to the West Country for my ninth label, Oak Ale from the Oakhill Brewery. I don’t really know why I like this label. In all probability the beer was named to reflect the company name and their trademark – a hill covered with oaks – although other companies also produced “Oak” ales – presumably a darkish beer. I think what attracts me is the pleasing traditional design conveying the impression of a rural country brewery. I also like the fact that the county is named properly as Somersetshire, not shortened as happens so often.

Kent’s Desert Island Beer Labels #8

It’s back to Kent for my next selection. Although the Medway towns are only a few miles from my home town of Northfleet, we never seemed to get there much except on “Navy Days” at the Chatham dockyard when my father, an ex-Royal Navy man, would take us aboard the ships that were open to the public. Not far from the dockyard was the site of Arkcoll’s Brewery, although it had long gone by the time we made our visits in the late 1950s. Many years ago I was shown a colour photocopy of an Arkcoll’s label and the hunt was on! It took many years but eventually I obtained this superb label to shine in my Kent collection.

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