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AGM @ Fullers, June 10th

Further to our last post re the above, some of you may be interested in the following.

There is free on-road parking right outside the brewery and on a Saturday, there should not be any problem at all in finding a parking space.

There is no parking on-site, but everyone should be able to park without a problem.

But please, do not drink and drive!

There will be another auction of labels from the collection of the late Des Clarke, selected images will appear in due course

Cask Labels #23

There are a number of cask labels in existence from Brown & Company of the Shakespeare Brewery, Redditch. However I have yet to see a bottle label. Anyone out there able to help out with a picture?

Cask Labels #22

Another one I was reminded about by Nick. About 100 years old and still a wonderfully successful design. It would be good to know if anyone knew if there were other cask labels from Justin Brinn’s of the Truro Brewery.

Cask Labels #21

As promised here is another from our corporate member, Shepherd Neame. In #20 I did state that Sheps beers could be found all over the country. I received an email from Jorge to tell me that Bishop’s Finger and Spitfire were available in Brazil. Thank you Jorge. Good to know we get about.



Cask Labels #20

For #20 and 21 we are featuring cask labels from one of our corporate members, Shepherd Neame Ltd of Faversham, founded in 1698, and therefore the oldest brewer in the United Kingdom. The company has been family owned since 1864. A wide range of beers are bottled and can be found all over the country, however the Double Stout, currently one of my favourite beers, is less common in the frozen northern wastelands.

Cask Labels #19

The main interest in this label, which is in fairly poor condition, is that the beer was brewed by Simonds in the former Philips & Sons Brewery in Dock Road, Newport, that they purchased along with over 120 pubs in 1949. This is the only label I have come across which states that the beer is brewed by Simonds in Newport. I don’t have any idea of where the A.K. came from either, I can’t recall any of Simonds beers by that name.

Cask Labels #18

Another big thank you to Nick for sending in a scan of this recently acquired label from Flowers Breweries Ltd. Fairly specific instructions I think you will agree. A number of these labels were picked up off the floor of the Flowers Laboratory just before demolition in 1975 by a collector who currently resides on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Cask Labels #17

Very recently sold on a well-known internet auction site for a substantial amount of money, we have permission from the purchaser to add this very attractive example from Gibbs Mew & Co Ltd of Salisbury to this blog. Presumably the name of the beer was added later.

London Meeting in July

Although details have been in the Event Diary for some time, just thought we would remind everyone.

Saturday July 22nd at the Royal Oak, Tabard Street, London starting at 12 noon, Great venue, always well attended.

And Yes we will be holding a further auction of labels from the late Des Clarke’s collection. More details in due course.

So we look forward to a good crowd, enjoying the Harveys ales, excellent food and of course ‘Summer in the City’.

This may well set off a couple of our regulars, with more appropriate song titles.