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How much did that cost? #1

After the very pleasing response to our Advent Calendar and the sharp upturn in both viewings and comments, we thought another theme would be welcomed. This will feature labels with money as part of the design, sometimes the cost per bottle, others will have an indication of gravity or even a deposit on the bottle. We start with a gem from Phillips and Marriott of the Midland Brewery in Coventry. 7d a bottle, that is just under 3p in today’s money. And the cost of the label today? In excess of £500 we would imagine. And don’t forget there is still time to send a solution to Advent Calendar #24 which can be found HERE.


Advent Calendar Day 24

For Christmas Eve we offer a puzzle. As I was driving home a couple of days ago, there was a particularly fine album playing on the sound system. Actually it was album no. 107 on the memory stick. I thought this would be a great idea. Decode the clues suggested by the six labels pictured below to find the name of the artist, the album and the particular track that was playing when the idea first germinated. Answers to the by Thursday 28th December. All communications will be added to the comments section that evening. There may even be a small prize. Don’t let me down.


Advent Calendar Day 23

I have just discovered this label from the very wonderful Dogfish Head Brewery. Out a couple of years, ago to commemorate 50 years of the Grateful Dead. Here’s a puzzle for you all. What is the connection between the three labels for today? Thanks to Nick for providing the inspiration for today’s post’

Advent Calendar Day 22

Back to the present today. The big driver for the popularity of Holiday, Christmas or Winter beers has been marketing. Some breweries have gone to great lengths to create an attractive, recognisable product. One of the best has to be the Bad Elf series from Ridgeway Brewing.


Advent Calendar Day 21

The Ind Coope Burton labels were really well received. And Keith kindly sent a set of Romford images, so we have decided to set aside the Anchor Brewery Christmas and New Year labels and feature the Romford labels now. Hope you enjoy them and although the designs are not as green as the Anchor labels, we think you may be.


Advent Calendar Day 20

Today is a homage to Ind Coope. In the sixties and seventies, few self respecting drinkers would dare to speak it’s name, unless they were lucky enough to be in a pub that sold Burton Ale. Now that was good. Here are four labels with a total age greater than 400. How could a brewery which had built up that sort of export market, have been bankrupt or close to bankrupt on at least 2 occasions. Now, of course, we can just admire their labels.

Advent Calendar Day 19

Just about managed to catch up. Four brews. Two very different Winter Warmers, a Winter Stout, which I wish I had a stash of, and a Winter Lager, which I don’t understand.

Advent Calendar Day 18

Oops, yesterday was going so well, I forgot to post day 18. It is the green post. Why green? We will leave it to you to figure out. Four early labels that most of you will have seen a hundred times before.

Advent Calendar Day 17

We did feature this label on the advent calendar two years ago, and it did provoke an amusing response from a small number of knowledgeable drinkers. The question we asked then was, what’s  the next line? after ‘If you go chasing rabbits…..’ so we will ask again. Will there be as good a response this year? For those of you still wondering where we were, published on October 27th this is a clue.

Advent Calendar Day 16

Good response to yesterday’s selection, so I thought I would continue in much the same vein. So six Christmas issues for you today. Not all available on the shelves of your local monstromarket. Somehow this wouldn’t publish yesterday, so a day behind again.