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Cask Labels #6

Thank you to Nick who sent the image of this lovely example from W H & G Nicholls of Hertford. Another example with just one colour on a white background, but a very effective design. And lines to put the customer’s address!

Cask Labels #5

A complete contrast to the previous couple of examples, this label was in use in the 1920s. One colour, quite striking, the brewery and the beer. So was it produced by Nuttall’s who operated the Lion Brewery until 1926  or was it Matthew Brown of Preston, who acquired the brewery in 1926. Nuttall’s beers were apparently very well-liked in Blackburn and the surrounding areas and there was much opposition to the change of ownership. Matthew Brown had bought Nuttall’s because they needed the additional  capacity and so the labels just had Lion Brewery and not the company name. Even in the 1960s the company name did not dominate the labels used.

Site Update

We have been busy. The description of Magee, Marshall & Co Ltd has been amended and is now correct. Amazing that so many knowledgeable collectors could have ignored such an error for the eighteen months it has been there. We have also added a couple more images, which we think you will find interesting. It’s HERE

Brewers in Lancashire is now live, and still being added to. Many of you have already found it, well done! We are up to Manchester so far. It’s HERE

There are many additions to both the United States Pre Prohibition section, which is HERE and the Post Prohibition section which is HERE

The Cask label theme on the blog is attracting much attention. We LOVE responses.

Cask Labels #4

Our first venture into labels from the USA, brings this superb example from shortly after the repeal of prohibition from the Kips Bay Brewing Co of New York City. At first sight there appears to be a greater range of colours in use, but are there? However many colours are in use here, there is no doubt this label would have been a contender for label of the year.

Cask Labels #3

We shall try to maintain the current level of interest in this series of images. We intend to use more recent examples, as well as labels from abroad to supplement the early issues that have got this category under way. Today’s offering is from T & R Theakston Ltd, celebrated brewers in Masham. Here’s hoping our printer friend is happy with the use of half tones in this one.

Cask Labels #2

It is going to be very difficult to follow the Magee, Marshall example that started this series, but we have to continue. I just hope this one from John Roberts Three Tuns Brewery in Bishops Castle is very nearly as interesting. However, I have to admit, the use of half-tones is nowhere near as effective.


Cask Labels #1

Another suggestion for our blog from Dale, so a number of cask labels, or barrel labels will follow over the next few weeks. To start us off is this stunning example from Magee, Marshall & Co Ltd of Bolton. My thanks go to Edd the Brewer, who allowed us access to this label.

Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd

One of our very keen (e)Bay watchers has advised that a label from the above company sold on the well known internet auction site for over £100.And he wonders if this is a record for this particular type of label, namely a bottler of beers, rather than a brewer.

I am not sure what the current record for a single brewery label is either. Last I heard it was over £1000, but I am sure several of our regulars will be able to give us an update on this & perhaps even provide a scan of the label in question.

As you know we try not to miss the opportunity of bringing you images of labels you may not have seen before, so here are three labels from Brighton & Hove Wine Company Ltd.


Our thanks to he that ‘watcheth’ the auction sites & to Eric for the scans of what I think are truly stunning labels. I look forward to seeing your comments

AGM 10th June @ Fullers Update

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Our AGM this year is very kindly being hosted by Fullers.

The date is 10th June & the meeting starts 13.00 in the Main Conference Room.

For anyone who doesn’t know the location please see below for the full details.

Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, Chiswick Lane South, London, W4 2QB. The timetable for the event is below.

** 11.30 – Committee Meeting **

** 12.30 – AGM starts **

** 13.45 – Auction of Des Clarke Labels **

** 14.30 to 15.30 – Brewery Tour (concentrating on the history) **

** 15.30 – Buffet in the Mawson Arms (on site) **

Beer, Soft Drinks and the Buffet at the Mawson Arms are being provided courtesy of Fuller’s.

Those who would prefer not to do the tour are of course welcome to go to the Mawson Arms instead once the AGM is over.

We must thank Eric for making this return visit to such an excellent venue, a reality.

Hopefully we will see a good number of you there on the day!

LOTY 2017, kick start #2 Tipsy Angel Brewery

Another chance to contribute early to the 2017 LOTY charity, even if we don’t know what it will be yet. These labels are scarce, it is unlikely you have one, and unless you send £5 to the Society, it is unlikely you will get one. The first four who comment on this page and Paypal the money to the society will receive one of these labels, either by post, or by hand in Peterborough. Our thanks go to the brewer, whose name is lost in that glorious fog of the afternoon at Wigan Central.