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Well someone had to dig out the old (yes 48 years) favourite. Did you watch England win the World Cup live in 1966?? The Jules Rimet trophy in those far off days. If so you probably remember the name of the mascot on the labels below.

Watney Mann - World Cup Ale

And never let it be said we do not give good value for our post (unlike a certain national service provider), a Spot The Difference & World Cup #2 all in one post. Just lazy really!

Now if you remember the mascots name, what was the name of the dog who found the Jules Rimet trophy after it was stolen.

“Step away from the search button, now Sir!”

A pair of Gold Medal Pale Ale labels from Reffell’s Bexley Brewery continue the theme of finding detail differences in relatively common labels. And that is a nice lead in to say that a number of new images have been added to Reffell’s Featured Brewery section. Follow Featured Brewery > England > South East> Reffell’s Bexley Brewery






It has been suggested to me by a number of followers that it would be a good idea to publish pairs of labels which are relatively common so that collectors are more aware of the differences and additional labels can be picked up for relatively small amounts of money. So here we go with two labels from Mitchell’s Central Brewery in Lancaster. The slight colour difference is one which doesn’t always come across in the images you seen on  screen, but it is not the important variation.