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Two lovely examples from Bentley’s Yorkshire Breweries. One of these can be found in many collections, but I am less certain about the other. I am also fairly sure that there will be  a number of collectors who will be checking to see  which one they have. The BYB labels in our featured brewery section have been updated as well.


A big thank you to Alan for sending in this pair from the Cannon Brewery of William Stones in Sheffield.  Some subtle differences here, but easily enough to warrant inclusion. And I was not aware that the two of them were in existence. .


It was very good to get a couple of comments to the website, and I have also had some excellent feedback at recent meetings. And taking on the comment from ‘Fascinated’, (who is that man?’), here are two Old Bob labels from Ridleys of Chelmsford. You would miss them if you didn’t know.


I am grateful to Bill for this pair of labels from the Wrekin Brewery. Some of the differences I have seen before on other Wrekin labels, but I was not aware of the additional full stops (or lack of them). Hopefully, other collectors will send in their examples for this section, that’s two in a row where I have learned something new.

Wrekin 2

While I was sorting the images for the weekend’s giant upload, I came across these two from the Workington Brewery. I think this will be another one that collectors will comment about, although not necessarily on the site. These are the smaller 64mm labels destined for half pint bottles. I don’t know whether there were similar differences on the pint label.

Workington Workington - Old Ale v2

Pleased to see a bit of interest in the Green’s spot the difference, so here are a trio from Andrew Buchan’s brewery in Rhymney. All three are 74mm in height and are probably for half pint bottles, whereas the example pictured in our featured brewery is 109mm tall and I think, is for quart bottles.

Labels from that brewery have just been added to our featured brewery section.

Follow the link Featured Brewery > Wales >

or this:


We thought we would highlight the addition of the Green labels to our featured brewery section by returning to the spot the difference theme.

A completely different printing or a colour error? I prefer the right example, no distracting red.

Spot the difference

Not really a competition item, but part of the way to tell you that labels from Kelsey’s Culverden Brewery in Tunbridge Wells have been added to our featured brewery section. Follow England > South East > Kelsey. I would like to thank Guy for providing the stimulus for finally sorting the images and for help with dating. I have dated these as pre 1920 when the name E & H Kelsey was first registered. Am I right?

Kelsey 2

I am frequently asked whether the small differences are really differences or just more or less ink on the roller, one of them has been out in sun for while, beginning/end of run. Usually I am able to point out differences which would indicate a different die, which is so much better, like this pair from John Groves. Until this weekend, I was unaware that this difference existed. Does it add value to my collection of Groves labels? What do you think?

Groves 2

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