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Cask Labels #11

Stout wasn’t the obvious choice for our first venture into Scottish cask labels. This one is particularly interesting because it comes from Steel, Coulson’s Greenhead Brewery in Glasgow, which closed in 1946, rather than the Croft-an-Righ Brewery in Edinburgh, which appears to be ever-present on bottle labels.

Cask Labels #10

American brewers were much quicker than their counterparts in this country to realise the marketing potential of Special Brews for holidays and similar occasions. Not just in the bottle either; this label is for a half barrel, that is 15½ gallons, of Piel’s Special Holiday Beer. That would be about 12½ gallons in the UK. Imperial measures in America are just about the only thing they do which is smaller than ours. I believe this label to have been issued just after the end of prohibition, in 1933 – 1935.

Cask Labels #9

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the contribution to label design by ‘modern’ breweries. Here is the first of a selection of different styles, this one from The Penrhos Brewery, Kington. This label stands up well in this company.


Cask Labels #8

Please accept our apologies if you found the Henry Meux label a little bland. This should cheer you up; our first venture into full colour printing for this example from Paine & Co of St Neots which, at the time the label was issued would have been in Huntingdonshire. Gold Medal winners in 1934, prominently displayed, and this time an empty space to put the address it was going to.

Cask Labels #7

I am not 100% sure that this is a cask label, but I suspect it is. Cutting each one up to go on a bottle would be a little tedious. A really early label from Sir Henry Meux, I believe from the mid 19th century. This image was provided by Frank Mrazik. The original label is in the McCord Museum in Ottawa and we are grateful that they allow publication as long as an acknowledgement is included.

Cask Labels #6

Thank you to Nick who sent the image of this lovely example from W H & G Nicholls of Hertford. Another example with just one colour on a white background, but a very effective design. And lines to put the customer’s address!

Cask Labels #5

A complete contrast to the previous couple of examples, this label was in use in the 1920s. One colour, quite striking, the brewery and the beer. So was it produced by Nuttall’s who operated the Lion Brewery until 1926  or was it Matthew Brown of Preston, who acquired the brewery in 1926. Nuttall’s beers were apparently very well-liked in Blackburn and the surrounding areas and there was much opposition to the change of ownership. Matthew Brown had bought Nuttall’s because they needed the additional  capacity and so the labels just had Lion Brewery and not the company name. Even in the 1960s the company name did not dominate the labels used.

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Cask Labels #4

Our first venture into labels from the USA, brings this superb example from shortly after the repeal of prohibition from the Kips Bay Brewing Co of New York City. At first sight there appears to be a greater range of colours in use, but are there? However many colours are in use here, there is no doubt this label would have been a contender for label of the year.

Cask Labels #3

We shall try to maintain the current level of interest in this series of images. We intend to use more recent examples, as well as labels from abroad to supplement the early issues that have got this category under way. Today’s offering is from T & R Theakston Ltd, celebrated brewers in Masham. Here’s hoping our printer friend is happy with the use of half tones in this one.

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