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I am frequently asked why I am so obsessive about the exact size of the labels I buy and sell. Many collectors have decided to collect one example of a particular label. Others, myself included, like to obtain a number of variations in design, colour, shape and size. Following the positive feedback about the ‘spot the difference’ posts, where even experienced collectors have found variations they were previously unaware of, I am extending the idea to size differences. Many breweries produced identical designs to go on quart, pint and half pint bottles. Sometime the size difference is only a matter of a couple of millimeters, that’s one tenth of an inch in old money. The three Beasley Treble Star labels are 83mm, 74mm and 67mm tall. That’s why I like a fairly accurate size on a label description. What do you think??


Spot the Difference #12

You have to wait ages for a new spot the difference and then two come along on the same day. This time two Harman’s of Uxbridge XXXX Strong Ale labels.Harman

Spot the Difference #11

Been a while since we posted one of these. So three Fredk. Smith of the Aston Model Brewery, Nut Brown Ale.Fredk Smith

New images in Featured Brewery pages

If you have a look in our featured breweries section you will find sets of labels have been added for J G Swales & Co of the Naval Brewery, Hulme, Manchester, John J Hunt of the Ebor Brewery, York and Meiklejohn’s Bass Crest Brewery, Alloa.


Been a busy weekend, hope you enjoy these.

Images of labels from Wells Watford Brewery have been uploaded to the Featured Breweries Section of the site. I know there are a number of other labels out there. (BA I am thinking of you). So please send in scans of any you have.

Labels from both Richard Seed & Co Ltd of Radcliffe and Powell & Co of Anerley have been added to our featured breweries section. Take a look and gasp in amazement at the classic designs of the time.

Brunswick Inn – Again – Auction

Lacon FalconJust about to start the auction. Unlike certain internet auction sites, you have to be here & have the cash. No discounts, no haggling, highest offer wins.  The highest price paid was for this lovely Lacons Falcon Ale which realised £16. Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the damage, but still a bargain addition to the lucky bidders collection.

Brunswick Inn Derby – Today

A nice sunny day in Derby & around 12 members made the effort to show up. Great choice of beers and plenty of healthy swapping of labels. Good quiz, courtesy of Peter D. We will publish this on website shortly.                                     

As a result of my post here on Valentine’s Day, regarding the above brewery. One of our members has been kind enough to provide colour scans of the labels that appeared on the cover of the 1982 newsletter. In fact he has provided two others as well, as a result Godwin Brothers, now appears in our ‘Featured Breweries’ pages. In fact one of the labels appears to pre-date registration, so it is presumably from before October 1907. So take a look and experience the same feelings I had whilst uploading them, decidedly green with jealousy, whilst weeping in to a somewhat soggy handkerchief. Oh well, at least we can all admire them now. If you have any additional labels you would care to share, then the usual comments apply.