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Advent Calendar Day 18

Oops, yesterday was going so well, I forgot to post day 18. It is the green post. Why green? We will leave it to you to figure out. Four early labels that most of you will have seen a hundred times before.

Advent Calendar Day 17

We did feature this label on the advent calendar two years ago, and it did provoke an amusing response from a small number of knowledgeable drinkers. The question we asked then was, what’s  the next line? after ‘If you go chasing rabbits…..’ so we will ask again. Will there be as good a response this year? For those of you still wondering where we were, published on October 27th this is a clue.

Advent Calendar Day 16

Good response to yesterday’s selection, so I thought I would continue in much the same vein. So six Christmas issues for you today. Not all available on the shelves of your local monstromarket. Somehow this wouldn’t publish yesterday, so a day behind again.

Advent Calendar Day 15

For today we hark back to the first theme on this site, which proved very popular. We received a number of comments (that’s good) and we were sent a few images to include. So for day 15 here is a further selection of railway themed labels.

Advent Calendar Day 14

There was a lot of interest in the early Greene King label which featured on day 8 of the advent calendar. Several people commented verbally and I am sure they would have added a comment to the blog if we hadn’t had that conversation. So with a little help from Keith and Mike, I thought you would appreciate another post from Bury St Edmunds, except this time the comment is ‘What no King?’



Advent Calendar Day 13

The theme for today is red. Examples from each side of the Atlantic Ocean. Recent and from the 1930s.


Advent Calendar Day 12

I know. This label appeared in the 2015 Advent Calendar with a similar message. I didn’t get a huge response then, perhaps I was too obscure, so here it is again. Conrad Eurich only brewed in from 1899 until 1903, which makes this one of the earliest labels in my collection. For me, equally interesting is that it was bottled in Rockaway Beach, on the South Shore of Long Island, New York. This immediately brought to mind a brilliant song…. ‘It’s not hard, not hard to reach, you can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach’. Go on, find it.

Advent Calendar Day 11

This is coming on well. Four today and I gather these are all fairly early Scandinavian Christmas issues. The Scandinavian countries were among the first to exploit the marketing potential of the festive season. And not only Jule either, there are many Danish examples for other parts of the year. So two from Sweden and two from Denmark, which also reflect each countries design preference.



Advent Calendar Day 10

The brewing industry in the United Kingdom took a long time to realise the selling power of beer marketed as a Christmas Brew, and frequently they could have done much more to capture the spirit of the festive season. Compare these three from Yorkshire, Belgium and the United States. All for the holiday, but what a difference. The Oshkosh label was probably issued 10 or 20 years before the other two.


Advent Calendar Day 9

Two for you all today. I am hoping there might be further comment on the use of attractive images to tempt the drinker as he or she browses the shelves. Joseph Holt, who needs no introduction to the hardened drinker and the Vale of Glamorgan Brewery who may be less well known, have both used clever names for their beers and an image which may or may not be aimed at a particular group of drinkers.





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