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There does seem to be a small change on the well known internet auction site. There are one or two sellers who now regularly include accurate sizes in their listings.  Recent labels from Jon and Mike are very good examples. To make the point again, here are three labels from Walker & Homfrays Woodside Brewery. Sizes are 108mm, 90mm and 70mm tall.

Walker & Homfray

FIFA World Cup Fever! Well maybe

Right Dale, you asked for it. Here is my first contribution. If I don’t get a torrent of posts shouting STOP, I shall post some more in the same series. The bottle label is only slightly more attractive than the bottle contents.

AB Argentina produced this for their 355cc bottles of the official beer for the 1998 World Cup.

France 355

A pair of Gold Medal Pale Ale labels from Reffell’s Bexley Brewery continue the theme of finding detail differences in relatively common labels. And that is a nice lead in to say that a number of new images have been added to Reffell’s Featured Brewery section. Follow Featured Brewery > England > South East> Reffell’s Bexley Brewery