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Railways #17 – Belgian Tripel

Belgium tripel

Thanks again to Radek, for this label. I guess that the beer may well be in the style of a Belgian Tripel, but I have a sneaking suspicion that neither the loco nor the label is from our continental neighbour. Answers on a postcard please, well I’ll settle for comments on this post.

Railways #16 – Local Line

A while back, we had “Mainline”, so it is only fair that we give the Local Line a chance.

Local Line

This label dates back to the late 1980’s, which was well before I started collecting beer labels. So that’s is my excuse for today, so over to you guys to fill in the gaps.

Railways #14 – Flying Scotsman (of course)

As the title indicates, what else indeed,could we post today. The Flying Scotsman, after a 10 year absence & a four million £ refit, made it’s first official run from Kings Cross to York. Although I believe it may have visited Scarborough earlier this week.

Flying Scotsman

Our Flying Scotsman, above , is in LNER livery and no doubt carries 4472. Rather than the BR livery & number 60103, that you will have seen today. Also missing in the above image are the small smoke deflectors, than grace her current incarnation. To reinforce the sense of nostalgia, our label carries a volume declaration of 1 pt (pint). OK so it’s an export label, but none the less……………………….!


Railway #13 – Old Pusher

Well despite the name of this label, I recall these used to pull as well as push. And this nicely combines a diesel loco & an electric multiple unit. Pretty much everything else is on the label, but if you wish to add anything, please feel free.

Old Pusher


Railways #12 – Golden Arrow

A named train this time, running from London Victoria to Dover Marine. On 15 May 1929, the Southern Railway introduced this service, which continued until 1972, with a gap during the second world war.

Golden Arrow

So far, so good. Now for the part where I stick my neck out & wait for it to be promptly removed. I reckon the above image is supposed to date from 1948 – 1952, as the loco is still in Southern Malachite Green livery, but to me it looks as if the tender carries the words British Railways, rather than Southern. Now during this period the Golden Arrow was normally hauled by Bulleid’s Merchant Navy or Battle of Britain class locos. Interestingly the above does not carry a number on the buffer beam, nor apparently a nameplate. Which is strange as I believe all these locos were named. There are a number of images on the interweb, showing a very similar picture. So is this just a designer’s representation of a real image or am I as usual, chuffing up the wrong branch line.

Over to you or as railway types would say, “Here is your token”

Railways #11 – Heritage & Modern

As promised a few posts back in this theme, this label has a steam loco and probably a diesel multiple unit. It might be electric, but I can see no sign of overhead wires (unless the designer has been let loose with the airbrush). It may of course be a third rail system, which believe it or not exist elsewhere in the world, not just the south east & Liverpool. But no third rail can be seen (airbrush???).

Asian 1

Firstly thanks to Radek for sending this one in to us. I don’t have a clue as to where in the world this originates from.

So enjoy, discuss & share your thoughts with us please.

Railways #10 – Loco Brewery??

I hope that this label will provoke some discussion, as there is no mention of this brewery in CoBB++. Firstly thanks to both Nick D & Peter D, for sending scans of the label for this month’s theme. I am guessing that having a surname begining with D enhances ones chance of acquiring this label, but maybe just a happy coincidence, eh!

Loco label

My limited research indicates that it may have been brewed by the Yorkshire Clubs Brewery, whilst they were based in Pocklington, from about 1925 until the move to York in 1933. If this is the case, did the Loco Brewery Co. ever actually exists?

As to the loco on the label, well I think it is a former GNR Ivatt Atlantic C1 no: 4430, but if you know better……………………………..

Okay, so what is one of those then, I hear you ask? Well, in our annual Label Of The Year competition, through which we raise money for charity. A commemorative label recognises a person, place, event, institution or even an animal, which has some special significance. So in my opinion the label below qualifies as the double commemorative, as it recognises the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway and the anniversary of the visit of the then Duke of York in 1926.

Or could that make it a triple commemorative?

RHD Rail

Prince Albert, the Duke of York (later George VI), no doubt enjoyed his trip from Hythe to New Romney, back in 1926. This was the year before the RH&DR officially opened to the public. If you would like to know more then please follow this link. Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

Railways #8 – Great Central Railway

Yes, finally an actual railway label. This is one of a set of four, the others being Porter, Gold & IPA.


The current GCR runs from Loughborough Central to Leicester North and takes it’s name from the original Great Central Railway, which closed in 1969.

Please feel free to add any details as a reply to this post and the beer by the way, is brewed by the Wicked Hathern Brewery.


Railways #7 – Cerveza Davok, Uruguay

Well my carefully planned trip around the railways of Europe & perhaps further afield, has been blown out of the water. This is believe it or not a good thing, as the reason is an excellent selection of world wide rail labels, received from Radek Kwiecien. Being a rather insular Brit, I am going to be somewhat out of my depth with most of these. However I am sure that the wider community of Labologist’s will help me out and provide the knowledge, which I regret I lack.

So here goes with the first of Radek’s labels, which I must say is rather good.

Davok Uruguay

Who wouldn’t be pleased to receive a generous 600 ml bottle of English Pale Ale at 5% ABV, which received a bronze medal in the Great South Beer Cup, held in Argentina in 2011. Cerveza Davok is a microbrewery based in Montevideo, if a certain web based translator is to be believed, my Spanish is non existent, I regret to say.

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